Resolutions for 2012: I shall, I intend, I will…

03 Jan,2012

The new year means making new resolutions, and our industry is no different. MxMIndia spoke to the leading lights of the industry to find out about their resolutions for 2012.


Tarun Rai, CEO, Worldwide Media


The last few years have been very exciting for me and for Worldwide Media. The pace has been frenetic. The aim is to keep up the momentum. Keep up the excitement for everyone at Worldwide Media. We’ll need to be nimble and flexible since 2012 will bring some surprises. But we want to stay the course. Continue to produce great content for our readers and deliver value to advertisers. And provide opportunities to our employees. In my role as the AIM President, I want to raise the profile of our industry and get the attention it deserves from advertisers. Lots to do and we are raring to go.


Mahesh Peri, Publisher, Outlook Group

In this year I will really like to see digital media grow. I will like to embrace digital media and make it count on all the parameters. Not only do I want my own organization to do well in it, but the media industry on the whole.


Sandeep Khosla, CEO, Infomedia18

My professional goal is to take some of the publications we have to a number one brand. When I talk about brands I don’t just mean our publication business, but other media too where we are present – this includes doing well on the internet, ipad and blackberry apps. Also, this year we will also look forward to launching a couple of new magazines especially in the lifestyle segment. As far as personal goals are concerned, I will look forward to divesting more time and energy on philanthropic work, something that I have already been focusing on off late.


Rahul Kansal, Chief Marketing Officer, Times of India Group

My resolutions of late has been not to make any resolutions. But currently in my personal life I wasn’t to develop some more hobbies in a more passionate way. I have already embarked on trying to learn some music and I am taking it very seriously. There are too many professional goals and objectives to name. However, it is basically to ensure that Times of India and all our other brands remain buzzing, not only as newspapers but on all media generally.


Harish Bijoor, Brand Expert and CEO of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc.

My New Year resolution is not to make one this year. I have realized that when I make a resolution, something or the other bites into it and I am not able to keep my commitment hence breaking my resolution.


Agnello Dias, Chairman and Co-founder, TapRoot India

My resolution is to work towards making creativity work in other forms than just the way we have known advertising till now. It would be to look at creating other forms of creativity that can work as product valuation for the client and also create unique property for advertising agency which can be valued in the financial terms. Just to explain something like Kolaveri Di which could have been created by an agency.


Dhunji S Wadia, President, Everest Brand Solutions

Pitch Less – Win More: Use agency resources for existing clients who are paying for your services. Pitch only when the client is serious and not just interested in an agency fashion parade.


Bottom-line and Not Mere Headlines: When acquiring new business, I would urge agency managers to look for bottom-line growth instead of just adding to the top-line (and creating headline news).


Bring Sexy Back: Make the advertising business fun and attractive for all – people within the agency, clients and aspirants


Spread The Good Word: Go to the right forums, seminars, institutes and keep waving the Industry flag high. There’s lots of good in the industry – it just needs the right evangelists.


Mahesh Chauhan, Salt Brand Solutions

2011 and Salt began my journey towards my dreams. 2012 will be all about continuation. So no doing the ‘new’, but doing a lot more of what we already do at Salt. And that really is about keeping things simple. Good company: There is a huge opportunity in the tough business environment of 2012. Clients today seek partnerships that deliver real value. We have traveled some distance in 2011. We must continue to become their preferred choice. Good work: Continue to focus on work. Continue to build on the enjoyment at work. Argue, fight, laugh, cry, shout, abuse, embrace: all for the simple cause of great work. Good looks: Continue to build on the capabilities at Salt. Continue to hire diverse and outrageous talent that makes us nervous. Foster them so that they create great work. All at Salt will look good! Continue to enjoy everyday. Continue to be simple. Continue to be true to Salt!


Piyush Sharma, CEO, Media Transasia India

On the first hand we will like to consolidate our existing businesses across the brands that we have launched over the last couple of years, while at the same time we will keep our eyes open to any new opportunity that might present itself in new spaces…just like we have done in the past. Here, I am talking about new product launches in magazine space in the Indian market.


Manajit Ghoshal, CEO and MD, Mid Day Infomedia

Very clearly, our goal and aim is to make Mid Day the number one and best local newspaper in Mumbai for young professionals. We have recently showed the best IRS figures in the recent IRS report and we will march towards our goal in 2012.


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