Why MxMIndia isn’t bringing you detailed IRS data

27 Dec,2011

The answer to this question is simple: because the MRUC doesn’t want us to. When we posed a few questions based on the toplines we received, the director-general responded: “The Council is of the view that no further data / analysis to be shared with non-subscribers”.


The MRUC wants the media tracking the IRS to pay up and subscribe. Hansa Research has been asked to not give us the dump (as it would a few quarters back). The reason: apparently there are publications who don’t want to subscribe because they’ll find them on MxMIndia or elsewhere.


We don’t quite agree with this standpoint, but since these are the rules, we will abide by them. The MxMIndia Code of Ethics prevents us from publishing any content that’s illegally procured. And even though a few other websites have indeed carried detailed data, since our discussions with MRUC haven’t concluded, we will not carry.


We believe that by sharing some of the broad numbers with the trade/niche media, the MRUC will only build an appetite for what lies within its data. Quite like the way TAM does for its television rating figures.


In Q2 (2011), like some other trade sites, MxMIndia relied on certain media agencies/professionals for the data. We weren’t aware of MRUC’s diktat on the issue. But now that we are, we’ve stayed away.


We haven’t even carried press releases from media companies. While we trust them, since there is no way to verify the data, we decided to pass these, explaining our predicament.


So, dear reader. Your site is still on the ball with news that’s relevant, but our Code of Ethics determine the way we conduct ourselves. We will, hopefully, have stitched up a way in which we can bring you the real thing in the right way.



-Pradyuman Maheshwari

Editor-in-Chief and CEO


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