The Anchor: Suresh Srinivasan on 5 reasons IRS is an effective measurement tool

27 Dec,2011

By Suresh Srinivasan


#1 The only indicator. Currently IRS is the de facto gold standard for measurement of newspapers and magazines. IRS is based on continuous study with fairly large data base. More importantly there is no other indicator and it is the standard used by the industry.


#2 It’s not about just absolute numbers, but also gives the trend of the industry over the years. The trends are a valuable resource for media planners, publications and advertisers. These are not volatile numbers but have been slow and steady indicators of changes in the industry. This gives a meaningful picture of what’s happening in the industry.


#3 Considering that we are a large nation, IRS proves to be a cost-effective, valid and timely method of assessment of consumption of media. The sheer magnitude and scale of collecting and collating this data involves lot of work but IRS makes this possible and a valid data is available its users.


#4 Besides the readership data available on frequency and demographics, IRS has become a vital source of comprehensive information. It has become a repository of data that can provide information on various other parameters like intent to purchase.


#5 With technology coming in IRS is poised to become much more robust and will take research to higher level. It is a continuous journey to present better data to its users.


Suresh  Srinivasan is the Vice President (Advt) of The Hindu Group of Publications.

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