The Anchor: 7 reasons why taking risks in ideas works

08 Dec,2011

By Rahul Mathew


#1 You already took a risk by being in this business of ideas. You could have been working fewer hours for a lot more money in some other job. So why stop now?


#2 It’s not an idea to begin with if it’s not brave. And how can you be brave if you don’t have a penchant for risks?


#3 Considering the only other risk you will be taking on a regular basis is eating the canteen food, you might as well get a little adventurous with your ideas.


#4 If a risk pays off, you’re a radical thinker. If it doesn’t, you’re a reckless one. Both of which are often used to describe rock stars. Safe and dependable sounds good for a condom.


#5 There’s nothing like that incredulous/stupid/shocked expression on the face of a tight-assed client/account management/boss when you present such an idea. It’s worth the effort.


#6 A more practical reason: There are fewer risk takers in the industry today. And many who don’t take any. So, who do you think will be able to negotiate better?


#7 Most importantly, the biggest risk you would be taking in this business would be not taking any. It’s the one thing that keeps you and your ideas from becoming wallpaper in today’s media space.


Rahul Mathew is the Executive Creative Director, McCann Erickson Mumbai.

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