The Anchor: 6 wishes for Santa from the advertising industry

21 Dec,2011

By Arvind Sharma


#1 A year of bountiful growth for the economy: We really need Santa’s intervention on this. Only if the economy is good will clients put money into new launches. And support their current businesses with confidence. And help the advertising industry thrive.


#2 Many dozen outstanding campaigns across categories: These become tougher to sell in a tight economy, which I anticipate.


#3 Hundreds of high-quality young people joining the industry next year: Talented young people are the lifeblood of our industry. We need lots of them.


#4 Emergence of a real alternative to cricket:  There is just too much of cricket. Audience interest in it is flagging, and so are returns from it.


#5 Penetration of high-speed broadband internet across the length and breadth of the country: After the cellphone revolution, this can be the next big driver of growth for the country and the advertising industry.


#6 Many more global campaigns out of India: Global recognition for Indian advertising talent has been growing. This should now convert into India becoming a major centre that MNC clients regularly look to for their global campaigns.


Arvind Sharma is the Chairman of India Subcontinent at Leo Burnett.

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