The Anchor: 6 wishes for Santa Claus from the radio industry

20 Dec,2011

By Monica Nayyar Patnaik


#1 No ambiguity in FM Phase III:

There has to be absolute clarity on phase III, and it must happen soon because every time there has been a delay for some or the other reason. I also hope the number of bidders is high and that it is easy for everyone in the industry to pitch in.


#2 Music and copyright issue resolved:

There is still a question mark on music royalty and copyright issues. It must be sorted out soon, not just with one or two major players, but with other players as well, big and small.


#3 Ad pie of radio should increase:

Radio is a mass medium, we are reaching out to a lot many people and now with mobile phones the FM radio penetration has only grown further.


#4 Better technology:

We need to be very clear on the technical aspect in terms of frequencies; it would be helpful for the listeners in getting a variety of niche programming and so on.


#5 Improved listenership survey:

It is very important for the entire radio industry. RAM is present in only four metros today, it must be extended to other cities as well.


#6 More talent:

Better training, their awareness running on air, behind the scenes in production. We need to give more opportunities to the production and technical talent pool as there is a lot of scope with more channels and frequencies coming in.


Monica Nayyar Patnaik is Joint Managing Director, Eastern Media Limited.

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