The Anchor: 5 wishes for Santa to augment Digital growth in the country

23 Dec,2011

By Sameer Pitalwalla



#1 Cheap android tablets taking off
The first generation of Android 2.3+ tablets between $35 – $100, that feature 3G + Wifi and hopefully LTE radio’s by the end of the year. If that happens, the market will open like the way it has for smart-phones.


#2 3G to mature and the first leg of LTE to roll out across major metros

3G has plenty of issues, including price and connectivity, but hopefully it will grab more share from the current Edge/GPRS data market as it matures. The much awaited rollout of LTE services should begin in metros later in the year.


#3 YouTube to continue its dominance

With three media companies working on their own hulu’esque product intended to rival Youtube, Youtube itself will continue to grow in traffic and revenue as it gobbles up more premium content, Live TV and events.


#4 Facebook to emerge as a platform for premium content

Facebook has already done this with music (Spotify) and being the second largest destination in the world for video after Youtube, one would expect they will begin pushing towards leveraging their platform for content owners to distribute and monetize their content. They certainly have the reach and the ecosystem to pull of what could be an incredible media experience.


#5 More Ad Money

With 120 million internet users, it’s about time we breach the 1-2% of all ad money being allocated to digital. Even if the ad industry grows 50% on its current base in this market scenario, it will open up a lot more innovation in the digital media landscape.



Sameer Pitalwalla is Senior Vice President, UTV Interactive and Business Head, Celebrity and Video

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