The Anchor: 5 skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur

15 Dec,2011

By Raj Gopal Iyer


#1 Plan, stay organized and focused:

It’s important to be absolutely planned with regard to the various aspects of the business. The more you plan, the better. Creating an effective organization with systems and processes are the key to success. The entrepreneur should be focused on the objective.


#2 Be customer-centric:

The customer is king. Happy customers will make an entrepreneur successful, for sure.


#3 Have nerves of steel:

This is an absolute necessity for being a successful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is faced with many challenges, he/she needs to have strong will power to face them and succeed.


#4 Hire the right people:

People are extremely key to the success of an organization. A successful entrepreneur is someone who has the right people to manage the business.


#5 Enjoy what you do:

Finally, a successful entrepreneur is someone who enjoys what he/she’s doing. He/she should have the passion for it. Success will naturally follow!


Raj Gopal Iyer is the CEO, Blue Ocean Media & Consulting.

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2 responses to “The Anchor: 5 skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur”

  1. Harisrm8 says:

    enthralled by your sayings

  2. VD says:

    Be passionate about what ever you do..
    Choose or be in a company of successful people than you.
    and most important never say die attitude.. man..