The Anchor: 5 reasons you know your OOH campaign is working

07 Dec,2011

By Ishan Raina


#1 Flexicreation:

The medium offers an advantage of Flexicreation i.e. creating customized ads and content according to the medium. This can be done by customizing the existing ad for the medium or digitizing an existing ad / leaflet and making it an audio visual ad. Flexicreation for the same medium is impossible in any other audio visual medium. The future will be and has to be the contextualization of the content and advertising messages. For Colgate, we customized the ad for the medium by highlighting the important messages to make it more impactful.


Example – Colgate Pro-Sensitive Relief:

Ad Recall: Of the people who had seen the ad 39 % have linked it correctly to Colgate Sensitive Pro – Relief.

Reach Builder: 32% of the respondents (in the exposed set) were exposed to the ad for the first time through OOH MEDIA screens.


#2 Flexicasting:

OOH Media has been the most flexible medium today and gives a chance to slice and dice the message of the campaign as per the kind of audience an advertiser would like to reach. The client can select the locations, cities, frequency and language as per their requirements. Flexicasting provides an advantage of getting as local as possible just like an outdoor but with the power and capability of Audio-Visual. Other mediums are struggling with it and it comes naturally to Digital OOH. For Maruti, we used Flexicasting to advertise different brands in different locations to reach the correct audience.


Example – Maruti

Screen Recall: More than 90% of the respondents recall seeing OOH Media screens

Ad Recall: 65% unaided recall of the ads on OOH Media.

Reach Builder: 45% of the respondents were exposed to the ad for the first time on OOH Media


#3 Content Integration:

Content Integration helps in creating a contextual connect for the brands. The role of content is thus becoming very important in this medium and OOH Media continuously experiments with content to make it more relevant for the audiences and thus attracting more eyeballs. We have always been creating many on-screen properties which are topical, social or based on current happenings. Content Integration is another important area with a huge scope of dynamism and properties like travelogue, home-sweet-home, calorimeter, Green horns etc creating L-Band, Aston Band with the brands which helps them build a perception rather than direct selling. OOH Media customizes in-house content as per the client’s requirement and offering to make it contextual. For GSK- Horlicks Foodles we had created an L-Band on the Content Property called Caloriemeter which was the calorie consumed in the food and Foodles was talking about healthy and tasty eating habits on the LBand.


Example: GSK Horlicks Foodles:

Screen Recall: More than 100% recall for OOH Media screens

Ad Recall: 69% of the respondents recall seeing the Horlicks Foodles ad at a Spontaneous Level

Reach Builder: More than 24% of the respondents at work and play were exposed to the ad for the first time on OOH Media


#4 Static Fabrication:

Static Fabrication is one of the important aspects developed lately. Any brand offering is fabricated around the screens in the static format to create a better impact and creates the visibility for the brand 24 X 7. While the campaign runs on the screens, the static fabrication around the screens adds to the visibility. For Samsung, had advertised for Galaxy Tab in selected screens to reach the target audience and had done static fabrication on these screens to create hype for the brand.


Example: Samsung Galaxy Tab Campaign:

Screen Recall: More than 100% recall for OOH Media screens

Ad Recall: 43% of the respondents recall seeing the Samsung Galaxy Tab ad at an unaided level.

Reach Builder: More than 26% of the respondents at work and play were exposed to the ad for the first time on OOH Media


#5 Vicinity Marketing:

Vicinity Marketing is something that can be used very well by clients in this medium and is ideal for retail. This helps in creating awareness about the brand or the offer in the vicinity to drive footfalls. We have a lot of case studies where the use of vicinity marketing has resulted in the increase of footfalls. Citibank, did Vicinity Marketing for high net worth individuals by selecting limited screens with a very high exposure in Mumbai, Delhi NCR.


Example – Citibank Reward Points:

Screen recall: 100% of the respondents recall seeing the OOH Media screens

Ad recall: 80% recall amongst 157 people who were interviewed of which 52% recall it at a TOM level and 93% recall it at an unaided level


Reach Builder: OOH MEDIA Reaches Out To MEDIA LIGHT/MEDIA DARK/HIGHLY MEDIA FRAGMENTED AUDIENCES : 35% Respondents Were Exposed To The Ad For The First Time On OOH Media


Ishan Raina is MD and CEO, OOH Media (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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