Anchor: 5 reasons why Digital is the next big thing in OOH

13 Dec,2011

By Anirban Ghosh


#1 Reach (The Last Mile Syndrome):

There is no doubt that digital media is growing fast in India and also getting accepted among the clients. According to me, the only challenge right now is to position it aptly in the minds of the consumer through proper placement of the media. The last mile positioning of these media at the point of sale would be one of the key factors to get response and hence would be easy to measure also. This would definitely excite the clients to experiment with this medium to get a quick response within a short span of time.


#2 Interactivity:

This is probably one of the media which can interact with the consumer directly and effectively, and one of the major influential factors in buying any particular product. There are various ways to interact with the consumer, which can be controlled and impactful at different touch points to create the brand recall, perception and even to clear doubts at the points of sale.


#3 Customization:

Another uniqueness of this medium is that it can be used either in static or dynamic mode. It’s got the flexibility to customize the content exactly as per the need of the target group of any particular product, which would make the medium more interesting, exciting and engage the consumer to get better results.


#4 Experimental:

Out of the box innovative ideas experimented through this medium can be a lifetime experience for any consumer and the brand will be remembered for a long time. Touch screen technology can be used very effectively, so that consumers can converse with the brand and hence make the consumer compulsive about using this medium every time.


#5 Measurability:

If this medium is used effectively with strategy and at specific locations, then of course it can be measurable. I am sure it makes all the difference as to how do we perceive and position and compel the consumption of this medium at various situations. Although there is no industry currency in place, surely it can be done through some bold steps taken in future for the betterment of Digital OOH, which according to me will be one of the strongest media to reach out to consumers.


Anirban Ghosh is the Senior Vice President, Adz Edge.

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