The Anchor: 5 reasons radio will flourish, forever

02 Dec,2011

By Sunil Kumar


#1 It is Local:

People are more curious about or interested in the happenings in their city or town. Interest in local culture is developing and radio caters to that local culture which other media just cannot. Radio is absolutely local.


#2 It is Participative and Interactive:

Radio is the only medium where people can air their voice… leave a request… and it provides numerous other ways for active listener participation. Increased density of mobile phones is encouraging this interactivity further. Even social media has its own set of limitations…


#3 It has an Abundance of Content:

Today different kind of music is played on radio. It is not limited to Bollywood. Since it is a local medium, the music played too is in local language and in accordance to local taste. Today large number of music is produced in India, especially local music. ‘Kolaveri Di’ is one example. Bhajans, Sufi music, or hymns are some other music one can hear in different parts of the Country. In addition to these, the availability of sports commentary and multiple frequencies will offer listeners with more even more differentiation of content.


#4 Car Listenership is Rising:

Nearly all cars today have FM stereo attached, and as the number of cars continues to increase, it will further increase car listenership. More cars on the road also means frequent traffic jams. There are also those who travel long distances, and as a result time spent in listening to radio is also likely to increase.


#5 It’s Free:

Unlike any other, radio happens to be the only medium which is actually free.


Sunil Kumar is MD, Big River Radio and a veteran mediaperson

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