The Anchor: 5 reasons mobile advertising hasn’t gained momentum

12 Dec,2011

By Damandeep Soni


#1 Digital is seen as an afterthought in the overall media plan. Ditto in the case of Mobile. While everyone talks about it, thinks about it and wants to do Digital, traditional media momentum starves marketers of time to think about utilizing the mobile medium. Many agencies often fail to recognize the importance of Mobile and miss out on opportunities to engage their audience.


#2 You need a different mindset to think about engagement models using Mobile. It’s much more personal than other media consumption devices. A video, for example, created for a mobile ad should be very different from a TVC as there can be a huge amount of engagement hooks built for Mobile. While Mobile offers advertisers new opportunities for interacting with consumers, many agencies just use their web creatives for mobile ads. A lot more needs to be thought out on in-app experiences, mobile-optimized sites or landing pages rather than just repurposing creatives.


#3 Apps have only started to take off in India very recently. In-app inventory is yet to be fully utilised. Smartphones have started making significant inroads into the country, which means apps (specifically Android apps) are set to proliferate. With a sizeable population of smartphones, an in-app ad revolution is around the corner.


#4 Brands that are using Mobile are still thinking about the engagement model with the user – the push v/s pull debate. Do you show the user a location-specific advertisement when he is in a locality (and will that become an annoyance to the user and will he start ignoring the ad?) or do you want the user to pull the ad after checking in, using a service like Foursquare, and will there be enough users who would want to do this?


#5 Lack of mobile sites is another issue. Most brands do not offer a tablet/mobile optimized experience to the user. Hence, even if they embark on a mobile campaign it does not give them the expected results.


But it’s not all doom and gloom. Mobile advertising will pick up in the next two to five years. In India we are still in the early adopter stage of mobile advertising. However, once brands get to know of the engagement stats and get innovative with campaigns, there is no turning back. After all, even today, a person is six times more likely to click on mobile banners.

Damandeep Soni is Vice President, Global Sales and GTM, Percept Knorigin. 

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