The Anchor: 5 publications you (nearly) forgot but are (often) unputdownable!

01 Dec,2011

By A N Chorrea


#1 Caravan
Published by Delhi Press, would be wrong to call it India’s answer to New Yorker, but a good read nevertheless. Was resurrected by the younger generation of the Naths and with a gora editor in tow.


#2 Reader’s Digest
Oh, yes, it’s still around. The format may not have changed much, but it’s the Digest content and attention to detail and fact-checking makes it a great buy.


#3 Economic & Political Weekly
You may not get it at all the railway stalls, but get hold of a copy and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it for the quality of content.


#4 Current
Resurrected by the late owner-editor Ayub Syed’s son Asif, Current is a super read with some incisive political analyses, often by heavyweights in the biz. Check content on the website,


#5 Screen
Critics may say it exists more for the awards than to serve as the voice of the Indian film trade as it once did, but the bold new tabloid avatar is interesting and easy-to-navigate.One does miss those big broadsheet ads, but this is the age where smallness rules.

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