The Anchor: 4 striking trends among Hindi music channels

29 Dec,2011

By Amar Tidke


Year 2011 can be called the year of growth for the music television industry, and that has benefited not only the entire genre but also music lovers who now have varied choices for music consumption on TV.  As we all know, music knows no boundaries, it’s free from the boundaries of languages or countries and communities.


Year 2011 saw music that cuts across all these boundaries and become the most popular hits. Four major trends that the industry witnessed are: Rise of many players in the music television space, the Digital interface, Regionalisation of media and the Innovation of content.


#1 New channel launches

Year 2011 saw the advent of many new channels in the music television space. We started the year with about 10 odd music channels and today we have 14 channels.  The launch of new channels has not only been a boost for the industry but also provided brands and viewers with varied choices to choose from.


#2 Experimentation on content 

Due to so many new entrants in the music television space, channels tried experimenting on their offerings and the audience was given assorted choices to select from. The audience demanded pure music content which was the focus of 2011. The year 2011 also proved that the audience is the final decision-maker, and channels were made to rethink their positioning to appeal to the viewers.


#3 Regionalisation of media and innovation of content

Another trend that was prominently seen in 2011 was concentration on regional audiences. 9X Media Group launched 9X Tashan, a Punjabi Music channel and Marathi Music channel 9X Jhakaas in the year 2011.


#4 The digital interface

Lastly, but very important, a trend that was seen in 2011 was the major use of Digital and Social media platforms. One of the major examples of this was the ‘Kolaveri Di’ song that was first seen on YouTube and then made its way to all popular music channels. That is the power of the digital wave and, given the interactive ability of this platform, many channels and youth brands were seen creating content for their target audiences on these platforms. We will see this platform only grow in 2012.


Amar Tidke is Head of Programming and Senior VP, 9X Media Group.

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