Tata AIG focuses on building strong foundation

07 Dec,2011

By Shubhangi Mehta


Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited (Tata AIG Life) has released the first in its series of a new communication campaign envisaged by Bates, that restates the importance of indoctrinate strong values and foundations by parents amongst their children. The crux of the communication leverages a strong insight that when the foundations are right, the future is protected.


Tata AIG Life has a long-term brand-building programme, which commenced in 2004 and is supported each year.


Tata AIG always emphasises on creating a future by nurturing a strong foundation. Whether it’s the way Tata AIG life runs its business, the way it equips its employees or the way it looks at its customers, it makes sure that every relationship stands on solid foundations. For Tata AIG, when the Foundations are right, the Future is protected.


Vikrant Ramachandra, Vice President, Brand Marketing, Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited said, “At Tata AIG Life, we have always believed in creating a future by nurturing a strong foundation. The principle that a strong foundation means a protected future is at the core of the new brand strategy. Our focus on Protection is reflected in the slew of products launched in the recent times, like Tata AIG Life Gyan Kosh, Tata AIG Life InvestAssure Maximizer and the new products about to be launched. The brand communication strategy will reflect this. One of the critical initiatives recently launched by Tata-AIG Life is the launch of the Premier agency. This will foster skills development with a view to creating a professional and productive agency force through mandatory and structured training targeted at ensuring they focus on the customer need.”


There is a huge and latent need for financial instruments for long-term savings and protection in India. A Swiss Re report on ‘Mortality Protection Gap’ in Asia Pacific indicates a sizeable mortality protection gap in India. The gap which was to the tune of US $ 2045 billion in 2000 had more than tripled to US$ 6676 Billion in the year 2010. This is the third highest amongst countries in Asia Pacific after China and Japan. Tata AIG believes that right now India needs long-term savings and protection products and so their offerings will emphasize these two aspects driving alignment with customer’s needs.


For their ongoing campaigns, Protection of Life and Health will form the backbone of the Marketing Program. Mass Media Advertising will be extensively supported by intensive Training Program for its Premier Agents at Tata AIG Life. Additionally, Ground Events like Healthy Living Program, which raise awareness on healthy living amongst school students, will make the strategy vivid.


Its creative mandates are handled by Bates and media mandates by Madison.


Vijay Sinha, Senior Vice President & Head of Marketing of Tata AIG Life said, “Our core competence is in the area of managing an individual’s financial risks by developing relevant, compelling and differentiated protection-centric products to meet this staggering Protection Gap in India. In line with our core competence, we at Tata AIG Life have always prominently echoed the need to create a sound and steady future by building and nurturing a strong financial foundation. This very principle is at the heart of our latest communication.”


Commenting on the creative idea, Sonal Dabral, Regional Executive Creative Director & Chairman (India), Bates, said, “If we look at the world around us today, with its rampant consumerism, the thought of the fundamental values passed on to us by our parents getting eroded in the near future is quite scary. The ‘Thank you’ film is relevant in such times not only from a brand point of view but also from a social point of view. Inculcating the right values in our children in today’s fickle times is what will help our nation achieve her true potential. The idea of imparting the right fundamental values, along with the opportunity of engaging the consumers in a relevant manner is what is most exciting about this campaign.”

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