Mudra meets WGC’s golden rule

16 Dec,2011

By A Correspondent


The brief that World Gold Council gave Mudra Max, which provides multi-speciality expertise to help build brands in the age of convergence, was to reinstate gold at the top of women’s wish-list by increasing desirability and making gold purchase the centre of celebration during Diwali.


Mudra’s campaign for WGC captured audience’s attention at multiple relevant touch-points by giving higher weightage on innovations to break through an extremely cluttered media scenario.  The strategy adopted for different medias is as deatled below.


> Television: The TV plan encashed on the festive opportunity by being present at big properties like premiere movies, awards night, reality show finales, news channels etc. A disruptive message “Somethings last, somethings don’t. This Diwali, don’t just spend. Invest” was created for the show Gadget Guru on NDTV. This helped in attracting the attention of a highly focused TG on the relevance of gold.

> Print: A 10-year-old archival copy of TOI was used as TOI jacket, reinstating the message that ‘very little from 10 years back is worth remembering. Gold jewelry being the exception”. For the first time ever, an L-band format was used which was a combination of Masthead and Text Wrap, ensuring that the reader’s focus was drawn to the campaign message that appeared on front page of leading dailies such as Hindustan Times and Loksatta. A disruptive content ad was placed in Mint, grabbing reader’s attention on the creative message in an unconventional manner.

> Radio:  On the day of Dhanteras, a well-known RJ from a leading radio station was ‘discovered purchasing gold jewelry from a partnering retailer’. The activity kicked off with a teaser a day before Dhanteras and continued the next day with live sound-bytes being aired from the retailer to create hype in order to drive people to purchase gold jewelry.

> Activation: An activity was developed partnering retailers, where people walking into the store were encouraged to try out jewelry and get the moment captured in a WGC-branded framed photograph with the communication “Let this memory endure. Just like gold”.

> Outdoor: Large format and ambient media involving tactical using innovations were used. In addition to most conventional hoardings, innovative ideas such as Roadblock on e-zone TVs, scrap TV innovation, jewel box on hoarding, LED in Gurgaon & shopping bags at airport were used.


As a result of these innovations, the World Gold Council became one of the most visible brands during the three weeks of activity across mediums. The campaign created high recall due to nature and the scale of innovations used, creating a complete 360-degree surround (Source: MAP, TAM)·  Imports rose in October to $7.2 billion against a monthly average of $4-5 billion (Source: Economic Times). There was a 30 per cent jump in gold prices during Diwali over last year, owing to high confidence and demand (Source: Economic Times).

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