[LOOKBACK 2011] What creative & media agencies won

28 Dec,2011

By Ritu Midha


A slew of international and national advertising and media awards dot the year. Agencies bag a prize, are written about, and in a few days, it is business as usual. The next set of awards comes up, another agency tops the chart, and the same cycle begins all over again.


There are, however, agencies which garner awards consistently, across the award shows. Sometimes a few make a mark on the national awards scene, but don’t win so many accolades in international shows or it can happen the other way round.


The year 2011 had a few interesting ups and downs: BBDO which managed to bag 14 awards globally, got just three within India. Contract which got 16 within the country,  got just two globally. Mindshare won 27 awards nationally and one globally, Maxus had a score of 21 and one respectively.


However, in the case of creative agencies, most national award winners have done well internationally too. (Perhaps the lesser number of global media awards has something to do with it!)


Below is a quick look at how the key winners in national awards did globally, and in a few cases, how the ones which did very well globally, did in the national scene.



Click here for a complete list of awards won by Indian agencies in the year 2011.

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