[LOOKBACK 2011] Top TV & Print Advertisers

28 Dec,2011


By Ritu Midha


Slowdown, as a term, might have the highest recall value for media owners in the year 2011 – more so in the case of print. Interestingly, while there would have been a dip in advertising spends in terms of value, advertising volume has in fact increased over the previous year. And even more interestingly volume growth has been higher for print media:



When one moves to the top 10 advertisers for the year 2011 on television, the list seems more or less similar for 2010 and 2011, though the ranking has, of course, changed.



Two advertisers from last year which are missing this year are Auro Foods and Sehgal Sons – both with 1 percent share.


Is the situation similar for Print? Let’s check it out: Two new entrants for 2011 are Geetanjali Gems and TVC Skyshop. The ones missing from last year are SBI and Dell Computers.



As for the advertising categories, there are quite a few surprises when compared to the previous year, as far as television goes: Washing powders & liquids, number two category in 2010, is not in top 10 this year. Social advertisement, no 5 last, is top of the heap this year. Have a look at the tables for 2011 and 2010:




On to print. The top five categories remain the same with just a position switch in rank in number four and five. However, there are two new entrants on eight and nine – pipping to the post the categories at those positions in 2010. Educational institutions, top category for both the years – shows a 1 percent jump in share:



Source : TAM AdEx
Period : Jan – Nov 2011 Vs Jan – Nov 2010
Medium : Television & Print
Figures for television are based on duration in seconds & are represented as index figuresFigures are based on CCMs & are represented as index figures

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