IRS 2011 Q3: TOI still the No1 newspaper, India Today lead the magazines pack

22 Dec,2011

Top 10 English Dailies:


Besides Times of India and Hindustan Times, all the other English Dailies in the top 10 have witnessed growth in their AIR (Average Issue Readership) figures. The decline in Times of India and Hindustan Times AIR is however marginal.


Top 10 English Magazines:


Five out of the top 10 magazines, namely General Knowledge Today, Readers Digest, Competition Success Review, Star Dust and Business Today saw growth in their AIR. General Knowledge Today climbed up to number two with a growth of 11.26 per cent whereas Readers Digest slipped to number three and remained stagnant in their readership.


All figures are in Average Issue Readership. Like media buyers, MxMIndia only endorses Average Issue Readership as the currency for readership measurement. Please note that these are only topline figures which have officially been supplied to the media. Sensible buying and planning happens when more data is available.

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