Introducing the MxMIndia PR Channel

09 Dec,2011

Welcome to MxMIndia’s exclusive ‘channel’ for Public Relations. And corporate communications. While there are blogs and groups and forums and newsletters doing the work reasonably well, content around the business is kinda scattered. Also, none of the media and marketing publications care too much about PR.


PR and PR practitioners in India are regrettably lower down the business value chain. Part of the problem is the way PR is practised in the country. And our practitioners have fashioned/ conducted themselves. So, well, PRwallahs may be much higher in the pecking order than suppliers like the stationery printer, but marketing folk don’t really give them the respect they deserve. The last time I said something like this, there was a furore in a section of the trade.


But, then, this status of PR ought to change. And it will, as it has in many places in the world.


The MxMIndia PR Channel will not necessarily discuss issues such as these. We are not here to damn Niira Radia either. It’s here to celebrate the business. And give practitioners a forum – and a neurtral one — which they can call their own. From basic things like account wins and exec movements to case studies and success stories. Plus views, interviews, research. Sab kuch. Anaitum/Yellam (Tamil for everything).


So, PRwaalon, make this your home. While we will update five days a week, a newsletter will be sent out once a week. Every Wednesday.


Email my colleague and senior assistant editor Johnson Napier who is coordinating the channel. He can be reached at johnsonn[at] and with a cc at And feel free to call any of us.




Pradyuman Maheshwari

Email: pradyumanm[at],

BBM: 23050B5D

Gtalk: pradyumanm[at],

Twitter: @pmahesh

Telephone: 98338 76278.


PS: Our National Sales Head requests to put in a word that sponsorships and ads for this channel are welcome. As also dosh for events, seminars etc. And awards, where we will make sure it’s only the jury who decides on who to give the awards to. For sales, please mail Alok Kapuria at alokk[at] and

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2 responses to “Introducing the MxMIndia PR Channel”

  1. amithprabhu says:

    Great initiative. Happy to support in anyway. Two requests: PR can only start gaining support if trade media outlets like yours give it the respect it deserves.

    First by referring to PR company as a firm or consultancy. Not as an agency. PR firms were modeled around law firms. PR firms never have worked on commissions, which agencies do – travel agency, ad agency, media agency, real estate agency or a model agency – PR firms earn through project fees, retainer fees or hourly fees. Second, by PRwaalon, PRwallahs is fine for those in the industry but young graduates and the future of this industry who are making their choices are sure to be disillusioned by this term of reference.

    Love the fact that you will focus on views, interviews, trend reports but exec movements like the ad industry has would be making a mountain out of a molehill.

  2. Mayank says:

    super cool…..

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