AdStrat: Humming Girl

05 Dec,2011

Amod Dani, ECD, Leo Burnett


The campaign:

Humming Girl


The client:

Tata Capital


The agency:

Leo Burnett


The brief:

To create a campaign (led by television) to launch their Home Loan vertical. This is the brand’s first foray into the Home Loan category.


Any specific advisory from the client:

Tata Capital is a brand synonymous with the values of the parent group Tata Sons. The brand stands on the platform of doing what’s right, and we have worked hard to bring this philosophy alive through our previous two campaigns (Old Coin & Sardar Twins).


Going forward we had to keep the core values of trust, sincerity, consumer empathy and integrity alive in the new home loan campaign as well.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”250″][/youtube]

Research insights:

Through focus groups and through Burnett’s hot button research we were able to unearth several insights which concerned rented homes. However, one truly stood out and struck a chord with everyone.


If there is one place in the world where an individual can be herself, express herself freely and do what she likes, it’s her own home. It’s the place where she feels liberated from the external pressures. She is devoid of any scrutiny or judgment of the society. Where there is absolutely nothing to fear and where she feels most secure.


Media vehicles:

We led the campaign through Television supplemented with Outdoor &Print.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

The home loan market is quite intense and competitive. With the growing need to find a suitable home advertisers have constantly tried to push the envelope. But this has often resulted in complex communication that is more informative than emotive. We believe that buying a home is not just a rational decision.


We planned to ride on the emotional equity associated with owning one’s own home. The truth that only in your own home can you truly express yourself is a liberating insight. The creative lens of viewing the complex financial world through a child’s eyes gave us the platform to bring this insight to life.


The brand prides itself on human truths and consumer understanding. Therefore, we were very careful and worked to keep the execution real, honest and simple. The tone as you can see in the commercial is thus empathetic and genuine, true to the Tata values.


The differentiating factor about the ad:

The one thing that truly sets this ad apart from the rest is the fact that it is deeply rooted in a human insight. The ad is something that people residing in rented homes can truly connect with.


The execution is a very sincere and honest attempt at connecting with these very people. Therefore the performance of the talented young actors is also very real. Her humming is memorable and sweet and once you see the ad, it’s hard not to hum along. Overall Amit has delivered a very charming film.


Market and client feedback and follow-ups:

We are currently awaiting actual numbers since the TVC went on air. However, the initial response both from the market and the industry seems very positive. The charming execution has been well appreciated by the client, industry peers and most importantly the common man.



National Creative Director: KV Sridhar

Creative team: Rajesh Mani, Amod Dani, Anirban Sanyal, Sachin Kamath, Nilesh Ajarlekar

Client Servicing: Suvadip Ghosh, Manish Somani, Nandita Das, Yash Bhawsar


Head | Brand Marketing & Corporate Communication: Veetika Deoras

Production House: Chrome Pictures

Director: Amit Sharma

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