Case Study: Being Human, Being Digital

18 Dec,2011

Aim/Measurable Objectives

Being Human wants to position itself as a lifestyle brand that aids the twin causes of healthcare and education for the underprivileged. The need of the hour was to create customer engagement through a large synergistic online and offline community. To be able to do this, it was imperative to build a communication strategy making this relevant to the youth of India.


Strategic Insights

Being Human Foundation is a charity trust started by popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan.


The star has maintained a very low profile about the foundation. In order to increase the reach and corpus of the Foundation, Khan has undertaken initiatives such as Being Human art and Being Human merchandise. According to Google trends, Khan was the most searched Indian male celebrity in 2010. Moreover, the brand ‘Salman Khan’ connects well with the Indian Youth, kids and masses as a whole. To connect with its digitally enabled audience, Being Human required a strong social media presence. Energising communities was the need of the day.


The key deliverables in order to achieve this scale were: To be able to touch the lives of more people, that can make a difference, to take an iconic brand and make it into a cause, a movement. To be able to mobilise the youth, give them something to believe in, and energise them to contribute their time, money, attitude to touch another less privileged lives. To ensure that ‘original being human products’ are available on the digital space to be able to reach a much wider audience across the globe


Strategy and Execution

The key marketing objective was to create a digital footprint for Being Human, which would allow Being Human supporters from across the globe to engage with the brand.


The first order of business was to create the official social media presence.  There were a plethora of ‘unofficial’ Being Human pages across the social media networks, and it was important to first establish credibility and transparency, and secondly clearly differentiate this from a Bollywood gossip and fan page. Customer Centria created Being Human Facebook and Twitter pages. While Facebook, remains the key engagement channel used to launch new initiatives, campaigns, Twitter drives conversations, builds awareness and engages influencers.


The next milestone was to create the website, The site tells stories of the lives that it touches, and encourages all its supporters to live and spread the message.  The very essence of the content is user generated and thus by its very nature viral.


In order to make the brand accessible to more and more people, Being Human tied up with to enable national and international delivery of Being Human merchandise like t-shirts, bracelets, watches etc., to carter to huge the demand


Successful Campaigns that were run:

During a special screening of Khan’s recent movie ‘Ready’ for underprivileged children of Being Human, high level of engagement and buzz was generated through a live tweet via #beinghumanlive. This hash tag was trending on twitter for the entire day in both Mumbai and Delhi.


To create awareness about the pirated Being Human merchandise available across the country, Being Human literally took to the streets and showcased on its social media channels – the sellers it interrogated and put the wearers of the pirated merchandise on the spot.


An interactive Facebook application called the ‘Anti Piracy Squad’  was conceptualised where 10 different levels of squads represent how many users of the app, have ‘recruited to the cause’


A YouTube video channel named Being Human Live was created where video bytes of Khan and his fans against tee piracy were populated. Being Human Fans also voiced their anger against tee piracy through video testimonials. Educational content (updates and videos) were created to build awareness about the FB application.



Current size of community on Facebook: a whopping 7,59,896 likes. On Facebook page with a weekly network reach over 57 lakhs.  About 80% of these Facebook fans are in the age group of 18 to 34 years, which clearly defines the kind of connect that it had with the TG. On an average over 50,000 people participate daily on the page and Being Human’s reach has been made global with people from 20 countries across the globe participating on the Facebook page. There are more than 8,000 followers on Twitter.


On an average 21,500 users are active monthly on Being Human’s engaging ‘Anti Tshirt Piracy Campaign’ app on its Facebook page. About 80 per cent of these app users are in the age group of 18 to 34 years.

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