Astro Forecast 2012: What the Stars Foretell for Media & Marketing Professionals

29 Dec,2011



The falling markets, beginnings of an imminent economic meltdown, social unrest and outbursts threatening to overthrow the established norms and systems, the innumerable political upheavals and many natural and man-made disasters – the year 2011 has seen it all and more. As we gear up to bid adieu to this eventful year, anxiety about 2012 is bound to cloud our minds. What will the new year bring with it? Will it mark an end to the trials and tribulations of the year gone by? Read ahead to know what Ganesha foresees for the year 2012.


The year 2012 is going to be all about ‘changes’ and ‘transformations’. The year may well be called the year of ’21st century’s Renaissance’. Many of these changes will be for better, while many of these may also mean more turmoil. Remember that this transition is not without reason. The last decade, not just the last year, has seen a plenty of tumult. After numerous civil wars, natural calamities, political and economic crises, confusing circumstances and mixed signals, it is obvious that we gear ourselves up for some serious overhaul. And, hence the need for such a big shift!


In 2012, the theme of transformation will also extend to a personal level. People may see themselves changing, absorbing, reacting, rebelling, adapting and, above all, evolving with the change in their metaphorical ecosystems. All the sun signs will need to be ready to welcome and embrace the change, as only then they will be able to extract the best out of some of the enchanting planetary aspects lined up for the year 2012. Out of the major planetary events lined up for the year 2012, two will exert a marked influence on almost all sun signs.


The movement of Saturn, as it leaves Libra, in October 2012 will be hugely significant to all signs. It will make many signs heave a sigh of relief, but by then, many may have learnt some of the biggest lessons of their lives. The other major planetary event shall be the movement of Neptune, after 14 long years, from Aquarius into its own sign Pisces. Spirituality will surge, and so will the people’s faith in goodness and justice. Many individuals may see their belief system and outlook towards things getting altered with the events of the year. The best strategy for all the sun signs to maintain this year would be to keep a calm, composed and rational approach. Sorting out priorities and giving due time to loved ones and one’s own health will also help.


Remember: All the changes may not take place at one go, but the year 2012 will surely see the beginnings of this long-term, crucial process. A process that will, in some years, create a new history. And, a process in which nature, history, anthropology, religion, politics, economics, media, globalization all will play their due parts. Whatever be the case, we sincerely hope the world becomes a better, more peaceful and evolved place to live in.


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