Anil Thakraney: An open letter to the PM

26 Dec,2011

By Anil Thakraney


Dear MMS,


You complain that India Inc’s negative comments are disappointing. You are apparently displeased about what the suits have to say about your government. That the UPA’s policies are quite depressing for business in India.


Well, Sirji, the industry leaders have every reason to feel disheartened and negative about theIndiastory. If at all, I would say they are being pretty mild and cautious in their observations, because they can’t afford to upset the assorted politicians and bureaucrats in your team. Backlash from an upset government can be rather hurtful.


Before you sulk over their comments, let’s examine your own track record since UPA-2 came to power: In the last one year alone, fuel prices have spiralled out of control, sending the economy for a toss and making the inflation figures go through the roof.


As if that was not bad enough, the rupee is getting weaker by the day, and has now hit an all-time low. What is particularly pathetic, is that all this is happening under the leadership of a man touted as a master economist.


I am not going to discuss the crashing infrastructure in the metros (many firang suits are known to take a sharp U-turn the moment they emerge from the Mumbai airport) because it’s too damn depressing. But I must point out that the multiple financial scams under your rule have not just tarnished the nation’s image, they have made India a highly suspect destination for business.


In fact, the Anna Hazare campaign has made India look like a global clown on the world stage. And by the way, your complete mishandling of the Anna team hasn’t helped matters at all.


And oh, just what happened with the FDI in multi-brand retail idea? You did not have the skills and means to push it through. At the very first sign of protest from the opposition leaders you ducked for cover. How encouraging is that for India Inc? It doesn’t end here. Your various ministers are often at war with each other, and as a leader you seem to have no control over their bickering.


Sir, it’s a long list of gripes, and frankly I don’t want to put out the laundry list and destroy the New Year festive mood. But let me just say this: Instead of feeling bad, you should be thrilled that despite your government’s abysmal performance and dubious policies, many business leaders continue to be bullish on India.


Thank them rather than complain. Happy New Year!


* * *


PS: Fantastic presentation at the BAFTA by acclaimed screenplay writer Charlie Kaufman. Totally from the heart, and an eye-opener. A must watch not just for those in the movie business but for all creative people.



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One response to “Anil Thakraney: An open letter to the PM”

  1. Samyak Chakrabarty says:

    Its very easy to complain and write these open letters. Why do you ignore feats like the Indo-US Nuclear Deal, India’s growing might in the global scenario and an umbrella created by him to minimize impact to the Indian Economy by the Global Meltdown – at least we are not like in the state Greece or Italy is. FDI didn’t happen due to political stupidity of the opposition. MMS is perhaps the best and the most forward looking PM we have ever had.

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