Anchor: 6 wishes for Santa for the media biz

19 Dec,2011

By A N Chorrea


1. Blow away Slowdown blues

Will Santa please bring in some cheer to the world struck by slowdown. Don’t get fooled by the launch of the new channels and publications and all the executive movements in media and markeing. It appears the slowdown is for real. And we want Santa to blow it away.


2. May we have a Clean election

There’s going to be plenty of political action in the coming months, and we want Santa to ensure the media doesn’t play favourites by way of paid news.


3. Need differentiated content on entertainment television

A new GEC was launched yesterday. With content that was differentiated. Quite like the way Colors was when it was launched. But look at many of the GECs around. Switch channels on any evening, and you’ll find similar content across. Santaji, please help on this score.


4. And Clean news too?

News ought to be clean and not without any biases, but many of our news channels tend to exaggerate and sensationalise news. And if they are partisan, then don’t say it upfront. Santa, we don’t want the government to regulate content, but can you please give the erring channels a piece of your mind?


5. A hands-off government please?!

Dear Santa, please give a chillpill to Madame Ambika Soni. She (and her ministry and its various constituents) have been flexing their muscles way too much off late. She wants to regulate everything: our advertisements, the content on entertainment and news television, the way the business is conducted. Etc etc.


6. Better talent needed

Where is the talent in our industry? Are arms of the media attracting best talent to be able to match up with the talent amongst marketers? Dear Santa, this is tough for you to achieve, but if we are able to create that awakening in the way the media business is run, we could achieve results. The competition in the business has led to very reduced margins and as a result the business can’t really afford top quality talent.


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