2012 for Virgo

29 Dec,2011

There may have been additions to your life in terms of marriage or subtractions from it in terms of a relationship break-up in the last few years. Challenges were here, there and everywhere for your zodiac sign. The changes lined up for the year 2012 will bring you much-needed respite. Finance, work, health, higher education, foreign travel, career and personal transformation will be in focus this year. You will be conscious about your physical fitness, but don’t over exert yourself, advises Ganesha. Health is still delicate, due to Jupiter’s unfavourable aspect. The same aspect shall be fruitful for your career, though. Your financial position may not be very encouraging. However as the year progresses, expect things to change for the better. Never forget the lessons you’ve learnt in the past; times are changing, and for good. Your love life may continue to go through a testing phase. Look at the positives; the downtime will allow you to assess your needs and mistakes, says Ganesha.


Home and Domestic Life

Your home and family circumstances must have eased since 2008 when Pluto exited Sagittarius, but for 15 years prior to that things would have been rather depressing, says Ganesha. However, 2012 will be bright and cheerful, but it will not be too eventful. No major changes are foreseen, least of all shifting to another home. You are free to do so if you choose to, but in all likelihood, you won’t be keen on it. Being a stability-loving sign, you shall be more than happy with the status quo. However, the lunar eclipse on June 4 may cause you some temporary stress, bringing to the fore the residue of lingering resentments. This will actually help you in making the final corrections and adjustments in your domestic life, and, thankfully, they will be nowhere near as harsh or distressing as they were before 2008. Your family planet, Jupiter, will remain in Taurus till 11th June, 2012, and this indicates stability which you would rather not disturb, as you have been through too much turbulence already. Jupiter in your 9th House indicates an inclination towards religion, spirituality and advanced studies. Family support also will be more forthcoming, assures Ganesha.


Love and Social Life

Uranus exited your 7th House last year, and as a result, your love life is likely to have become more peaceful. You will be more relaxed, and the aftermath of a strong relationship jolt will, finally and duly, be fading this year. This calmness may appear to be rather strange to you, maybe even dull, but you’ll happily accept it after all these years of turmoil. One thing is sure, that the whole feel will be quite soothing, assures Ganesha. There will be a definite sense of stability and security, so refreshing after instability. In a significant move, Neptune enters your 7th House, which is its own sign and House, a powerful situation for you to be in. It portends very well for love, says Ganesha. A satisfying love life is on the cards now. Lofty as your love ideals are, the presence of Neptune will elevate them even more in the year 2012. Creative interests shall also get a boost in this period, thanks to this aspect. You are also likely to meet dancers, artists, poets, astrologers, etc.



You have always given utmost importance to your health, and your approach to it has largely been shaped by the presence of Neptune in your 6th House for the last 14 years. You will also realise that love and affection have a direct impact on your well-being, says Ganesha. You may also have explored various spiritual dimensions of healing. However, in 2012 you may not be very mindful of your health, certainly not as careful as before. More so, because Neptune is preparing to leave your 6th House. Nothing to worry, though! This just means that health shall no longer remain at the top of your priority list, and Ganesha sees no great harm in this. If your health is perfectly fine, you may not need an exclusive focus on it. You can concentrate your energies in other areas. Find a hobby, nurture a passion and give some food to your grey cells – after all mental well-being is as important.


Career and Finance

Your monetary situation has not been very encouraging for the past two years, and there seems no respite in sight, at least for the better part of 2012. However, times are improving with each day, and the nightmare is, more or less, over. You may now be reorganizing your finances, which was actually badly needed, says Ganesha. In 2012, you will need to put on your thinking cap and meticulously plan out your expenses and savings. You have been doing a lot of financial planning during the last two years, but it was more about financial management than actual cash inflow and bank balance. The planetary positions, this year, shall be helping you take better control over your finances. You will now spend money more judiciously, as your parameters of ‘necessity’ may have undergone a change, for good. You will also be able to differentiate between ‘desire’ and ‘need’, and act accordingly. Thus, all in all, Ganesha sees you becoming wiser about money matters.


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