2012 for Taurus

29 Dec,2011

Being health-conscious is not new for you, but this may become a passion now, indicates Ganesha. Your sincere attempts to maintain a healthy lifestyle will yield positive results, more than ever, in the year 2012! To help you further, stars will ease off all health-related issues in 2012. Finances, career, love, spirituality and social welfare are other areas that will remain in focus. This year also heralds a prosperous time for bulls, thanks to the optimistic planet Jupiter. Travel, family time, joyous occasions – the truly good things in life will be on offer! Cash inflow will be more than decent, and an inheritance may also be in the offing. You may even be able to arrange funds for your ambitious ventures. Splurging on attaining the luxuries of life is also on the cards. Do guard against over-spending and rash behaviour, though. Love life and family may become a cause of stress. And your inability to handle delicate situations tactfully may worsen the situation, warns Ganesha. Try and resolve conflicts, rather than adding fuel to them. Marrying in 2012 is not a good idea.


Home and Family Life

The stars suggest that there are going to be no major changes on the domestic front in the year 2012. Yet, even if things don’t take a turn for the better, they will not change for the worse either, assures Ganesha.  From May 6 to 14, your family planet, the Sun, will be travelling with Jupiter. This is a favourable aspect. You may look to renovate or expand your current home, or may also move to another home for good. The days between July 22 and August 22, and between September 6 and October 5 are favourable days for home and family matters. At the time of solar eclipses, though, some problems and misunderstandings may resurface in your personal life. Rein in your anger at the times of family disagreements or conflicts to steer clear of any major issues later.


Love and Social Life

Sometimes the weight of expectations in relationships becomes too much to bear, muses Ganesha. And it may pull you down this year. But then, there are no free lunches in this world. Each relationship comes with its perks and demands. Face the responsibilities with courage, and if need be discuss things candidly. Such heart-to-heart chats can give your relationship a new lease of life. Make sure you reach the root cause of your conflicts, and work together with your beloved to uproot it completely. Such an approach will help you sail though the year on a high note. Saturn will enter your 7th House, that is the House of love and marriage, towards the end of the year 2012. This could be a tricky phase, and you will need to be very patient and careful in matters of heart and esteem. Your social standing matters a lot to you, and you would do well to guard it at all times.



In the year 2012, your aim will be improving your health and fitness in a holistic way. Your 6th House, the House of health, indicates that matters related to health are going to be in focus during the year 2012. However, you are advised to not make a mountain out of a molehill, when it comes to health related issues. There may be times when you’ll feel tired or stressed out. You may also fall sick. But, there is nothing to worry; you need not hit the panic button, assures Ganesha. All major long-term planets are, for a good part of the year, in a good aspect and when they are not, they wil hardly affect you by their positions. All in all, barring few problems, your health throughout the year is likely to be good.


Career and Finance

Money may pour in from many directions in 2012. Moreover, your business decisions may turn out to be lucrative and give your better than expected results. In the year 2012, your career planet is going to be in your 12th House. This planetary position indicates that you will continue to stay focused on your career for a long time. However, increasing your bank balance and achieving targets should not be your only consideration, says Ganesha. Rather, you should do something for society, too. While you are likely to have smooth sailing on the financial front, a few matters related to your career may give you some sleepless nights. You may want choose a career option that would allow you more freedom. A business venture or a freelance project may fit the bill.


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