2012 for Scorpio

29 Dec,2011

The trends of last year continue this year for Scorpio, but with additional focus and augmented aspirations. Professional demands take up much of your time, and rightfully so, as everything else looks quite sorted. Although on the financial front, things remain largely unchanged, there are chances of profitable partnerships or lucrative ventures. Change is the keyword, even at work. Socialising, communications, information technology, spirituality and intellectual activities will take up your time and interest. Attending parties and rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty may become a part of your routine this year. Your love life looks scintillating for the major part of the year. However, don’t neglect your family amidst all the buzz. Your relationships and attitudes towards your domestic life look set to undergo major changes this year. Be accountable for your responsibilities, and it in turn shall help you avoid conflicts and arguments, says Ganesha. Stress may adversely affect your health, especially post October 2012. Take care while driving and performing mundane tasks around the house.


Highlights and Major Trends

After having stayed for many years in your 4th House of home and family, Neptune now exits Aquarius and enters your 5th House of Pisces. Here, too, Neptune will be anchored for many more years. Ganesha says this shows that your personal interests too are now becoming more elevated, and you are leaning more and more towards all things spiritual. You will prefer to spend your leisure time in spiritual pursuits rather than watching films or engaging in other worldly entertainment activities. The influence will rub off on children too. The trends of last year continue this year as far as your love and family life are concerned. Many of you married or got involved in long-term love affairs last year, and there will be no change on this front till June 11. Also, you seem to be more sexually driven, which is a good thing for your sign, as you need a constant creative outlet. The ruling planet of your horoscope, Pluto, has been camping in your 3rd House of communication since 2008 and will stay there for many more years. This indicates that communications and intellectual activities will dominate your life. You will broaden your horizons of knowledge. Throughout the year, Pluto will be in a square aspect with the tumultuous Uranus, so you will have to drive carefully and avoid risky ventures. Saturn too has been present in your 12th House of spirituality for the last two years, and will stay there for almost the whole of this year.


Home and Domestic Life

Unlike in recent years, your 4th House of home and family is less powerful this year. Neptune moves out of this House on February 3 and enters your 5th House where it will stay for many years. Moreover, last year, your family planet Uranus entered Aries, your House of health. All these transits indicate that this is a tumultuous year for family life. Relationships and attitudes will undergo major changes this year. You will be more mindful of the health of your family than your own, especially of an elderly member of the family. In recent years, your home has been a sort of an entertainment centre, but now you turn it into more of a health centre. You will buy and set up health and exercise equipment in your home, while removing all such equipment that may be hazardous to health, for example toxic paint or furniture with sharp edges. Ganesha says there will be opportunities to shift home in June and July, but many of you, especially those who shifted in recent years, will prefer to stay where you are.


Love and Social Life

This year, just like last year, at least till June 11, is very favourable for love. Marriages, or relationships that are equally intimate, are strongly indicated by Jupiter which is in your 7th House. If they didn’t materialise last year, they are likely to happen this year. At any rate, says Ganesha, you will certainly have a very active social life, what with you throwing and attending parties, making friends with the high and mighty and getting invited to the best dos in town. Paint the town red, but be careful of yourself and your energy, warns Ganesha. What’s more, most of the people with whom you are socialising will be the ones with whom you work – business partners, associates, colleagues. Your love life and financial life are intricately woven together. And this is a good thing for you, this year, confirms Ganesha. Not just your friends, but even your spouse is getting richer now, and you will have all the support that they or their wealth can offer.



Even though there are no problems on the health front – in fact, for most of you health this year is much better than last year – you are focused on your 6th House of health because of your eagerness  not only to maintain and improve your health but also to prevent health problems in future. Neptune transits from a stressful to a harmonious aspect for you on February 3, while Jupiter will be in a stressful aspect till June 11, after which it will drift away. Ganesha warns that you may expect Saturn to kick off a long-term stressful aspect when it enters your sign on October 5. You are experimenting a lot in matters of health, which is perhaps because of the presence of Uranus in your 6th House, where it will stay put for many more years. You will prefer to go in for alternative medicine therapies, rather than traditional methods, and by trial and error you will begin to learn to observe the reactions of your body to various techniques, whether it is reiki or acupressure or reflexology. Ganesha says the point to remember here is that you are beginning to realise that what suits someone else may not necessarily suit you, and the other way round.


Career and Finance

Your financial House is not too powerful this year, so financial matters will remain more or less in limbo, ie there will not be many changes this year. The planetary dynamics are not exerting any pulls and pressures, except for a lunar eclipse on June 4th which will cause minor tweaking in your financial matters. Jupiter, your financial planet, moved into your 7th House in June last year, and will stay there till June 11 this year. Ganesha says that for singles this move indicates a marriage with someone rich, while for those who are married, it indicates that there will be financial support forthcoming from the spouse. This transit could also indicate a profitable partnership, or some lucrative venture. Friends too will support you not only financially, but also by opening up new opportunities for you. Way to go!


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