2012 for Sagittarius

29 Dec,2011

Most of the long-term planets, with respect to the sign of Sagittarius, will remain scattered for a greater part of the year 2012. This indicates that, akin to the planets, your interests too will be scattered, even confused, indicates Ganesha. Remaining centred and concentrating on your main goals could be a task! The good thing is that your energy levels will be at an all-time high and barring a few seasonal illnesses, you will enjoy good health throughout the year. Your mind and heart may gravitate towards spiritualism like never before, more so since your family life may have been disturbed or vacuous. This shift, thanks to Neptune, may alter many of your previously held beliefs and attitudes. It may make you more sensitive and compassionate towards your family. Single archers may be soon changing their relationship status to ‘committed’. On the work front, you’ll excel, and may see a surge in your creativity. Job opportunities may arise from nowhere, hints Ganesha. Although financially, you are safe, you’ll need to manage your expenditure.


Home and Family

Your domestic life has been through plenty of upheavals due to Uranus’ presence in your 4th House. However, Uranus has moved out of the House and the circumstances have become less demanding. When Neptune enters your 4th House on February 3rd 2012 to stay anchored for the next 14 years, expect your attitudes and outlook to change greatly, foretells Ganesha. It’s not only you but also your family members who will visibly be calmer, and will feel inclined towards spiritualism. Neptune will also uncover all sorts of secrets, which may sometimes shock you, and may sometimes pleasantly surprise you. However, you will feel lighter and calmer at the end of it.


Love and Social Life

Venus’ unusually long transit indicates you will get into a serious, committed relationship. Moreover, when Jupiter will enter your 7th House on June 11th 2012, the romantic possibilities will be more potent. Your romantic endeavours are likely to be successful this year, predicts Ganesha. If you are unmarried, this year could bring you into contact with your life partner. This transit also indicates that you will function like a go-getter, take charge of your life and won’t wait for things to happen. You are determined to get what you want. Go, chase your dreams! Ganesha’s blessings are with you.



Your health will not cause any concerns with Jupiter, your ruling planet, placed in your health House till June 11. As a result of this aspect, you will enjoy good health, and will most probably be focused on maintaining good health and fitness. However, don’t take your health for granted, especially from June 11 to July  2012. Your relationships and health are correlated as Venus is your health planet. So if you encounter any problems on the health front, Ganesha advises you to review your relationships first, so that you can identify the root causes and restore harmony.


Career and Finance

It is the right time to get rid of excess baggage, eliminate wasteful expenditure, throw out all the things that you don’t need any more, maybe invest surplus funds more profitably, or even realign your financial goals, says Ganesha. Pluto in your finance House indicates that there may be an inheritance coming your way. You may be all set to get an increase of revenue from your insurance and royalties. Ganesha throws in a word of caution here and says that you should manage your debts very carefully and wisely. Take loans only for constructive purposes, because borrowings which won’t generate revenue will surely become burdensome for you.


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