2012 for Pisces

29 Dec,2011

Unlike your usual self, you will be filled with a desire to express yourself in the year 2012. Your confidence will improve, and you will look to broaden your vistas. And, about time too, says Ganesha! The results of this change in your outlook and attitude will be very visible – your social esteem will improve. A spiritual way of life has always enchanted you, and it will be the same now too! Yet, practicality is the call of the day. Your relationships and friendships may have been tested in the last few months. This year, you will need to come to terms with it all, and being realistic will come in handy, indicates Ganesha. Your financial situation may be swinging wildly in 2012. Although the year may have a fair share of challenges, you’ll handle it gracefully You may also be looking forward to occasions and celebrations to bring your family members closer. Bumping into a ‘special one’ at such an event is also a possibility. On the career front, this is a year full of possibilities. Health-wise the year looks benign, yet be careful of seemingly little health troubles.


Home and Domestic Life

Venus enters your 4th House on April 3, and stays there for the unusually lengthy period of four months, while Jupiter enters this House on June 11. Both are good omens for you, says Ganesha. Expect happiness and a buzz of activity on the home and family front. However, there are two challenges this year in the form of two eclipses in this House. But, if you concentrate all your positive energies and focus on this area, you will find the necessary determination to overcome any challenges cosmos may hurl at you, assures Ganesha. There are chances of setting up a little office at home, thanks to your career planet Jupiter and its entry to your House of domestic affairs. You may also look to expand one, if you already have it. And you may also look to promote your career with a little help from home. There could also be new career opportunities coming your way through family connections.


Love Life

Your 7th House of love and marriage has been occupied by Mars since a long time. As a general rule, this aspect is not propitious for love and matters of the heart. As result, your relationships may go through some trials and tribulations, says Ganesha. Conflicts of ego are also possible, but it will be best to steer clear of them – for your good. If your love bonds are strong enough, they will manage to weather the storms, assures Ganesha. If you are single, you will be more aggressive, more proactive than ever in love. Decisions about committing to a serious relationship may not be well thought of, though, so take care and shun your rose-tinted glasses for some time. Your love planet is Mercury, and this swift-moving planet goes retrograde three times in a year. These three phases during 2012 – March 12 to April 5, July 15 to August 7, and November 6 to November 25 – will not be not favourable for getting involved into/ starting a long-term relationship. You will need to patiently see off these three phases, says Ganesha.



Your health is good this year, but Ganesha warns you to beware of accidents. As already said, all long-term planets will be in either a harmonious or a neutral aspect with your sign till June 11. In fact, your 6th House of health is empty, and you may not need to worry on account of planets, this year. However, don’t let any of this make you complacent. Jupiter’s mildly stressful aspect beginning June 11 should not be very bothersome, though. It is, rather, Mars in Virgo from the beginning of the year to July 3 that should cause you more concern on the health front. During this period there is a danger of accidents. You have a healthy but sensitive body, and with Neptune entering your 1st House, it may become even more sensitive. You will find yourself inclining towards spirituality, and you may consequently feel motivated to make appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle.


Career and Finance

From a cosmic point of view, says Ganesha, you are being given financial independence, but it is also likely to heavily disturb the established status quo. As you are led towards financial freedom, many old patterns of thinking and working, and attachments to material things will have to be either abandoned or totally overhauled. You are still in only the second year of the seven-year-long influence of Uranus in your charts, and it is only after this phase is completed that you will be able to achieve and experience true financial freedom. So, carry on, unrelentingly, and your efforts shall be paid off. There are chances that your swinging fortunes may frustrate you, tire you or may even depress you – don’t accept defeat yet, for many of the changes happening now may have long-term implications on your financial future, and for good, says Ganesha!


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