2012 for Libra

29 Dec,2011

You will practically heave a sigh of relief as the year 2011 wraps up, says Ganesha. The year 2012 will be all about changes – for good! Your personal, social, financial and spiritual life is likely to undergo a transition. The storms of the past may not be over, but they definitely will abate. It’s time for re-evaluations and second chances, and that includes a relationship that you may have thought as irreparable. Ups and downs in your personal and professional realms are possible, but aren’t they for everyone, exclaims Ganesha! Health will be fine, but there will be burdens, many of which would be self-invited. Stress and tension may be the rightful results of all the over-work! Look to de-stress using relaxation therapies. You may also plan to refurbish your home, which will help you take your mind off for some time. Unexpected expenses are likely to mount. And your love life may not improve dramatically, but it will, in its due course. For now, just hang on, and turn to divine help and spirituality, for a better tomorrow, says Ganesha!


Home and Family Life

Your home and domestic life is getting influenced by a variety of factors. In 2008, Pluto moved into your 4th House of family and home, and it’s going to be anchored there for many more years. It is, therefore, likely to impact your domestic life greatly, indicates Ganesha. Your relationships, emotions, and domestic life in general are going through a lot of changes. This year too, there are likely to be minor and major changes on your home front. Many negative aspects and shortcomings will be made manifest, but take it as a clue to become aware of these and take appropriate steps to purge yourself of their deleterious effects. It will not be easy, but the detoxification process is going to take place whether you like it or not. And, thus there is no point in resisting it; just let it happen, because it’s going to bring positive changes in its wake. Saturn, your family planet, is going to be in your own sign for the better part of 2012, making you devote more time to your domestic life.


Love and Social Life

Uranus moved into your 7th House in the year 2011, and shall stay put there for six more years. This indicates a lot of changes as far as your current relationships are concerned. Expect these changes to be a mixed bag – some good, some bad. The strength of your love and friendships both may be tested. If these relationships are deep-rooted, they will survive the storms, assures Ganesha. But superficial ones may not stand up to the test. By the time Uranus moves out of your 7th House, you will have realised who your good friends are, and who are/were merely fair-weather buddies. This aspect applies to not only your personal relationships but also to business partnerships. Ganesha will help you through all this, hence have faith and carry on, without being bitter or vindictive. However, marriage is not on the cards this year. In fact, you need to eschew it.



The year 2012 looks definitely better on this front, affirms Ganesha. Your health is going to get better with each day, rather. But you may still not be able to breathe easy. Though things are getting better, you still need to be very careful about you health, and keep a safe distance from hazardous situations. Your 6th House of health, which was vacant last year, becomes strong after February 3rd, which indicates that you will take your health seriously, says Ganesha.


Career and Finance

Brace yourself for a rough ride in the year ahead, as far as your finances are concerned. This is because Uranus is aligned squarely with your financial planet, with which Saturn also is making an unfavourable aspect. However, Saturn’s aspect is not as powerful as last year, so you may get a few moments of respite. These two aspects indicate that you will have to work much harder than usual to achieve your financial targets, says Ganesha. There may also be many upheavals in your financial situation this year. Some of them could be bolts from the blue! And some, minor whiffs in comparison to others. By the end of the year, your whole outlook on finances will have undergone a change, not just how you earn and spend your money but even your financial strategies. But, then a lot also depends on financial conditions in the world around you. A word of consolation from Ganesha here: Be patient, and you may see sunshine financially, once the dust settles. Some disturbing financial dealings may set you back for some time, but eventually you will be able to see the real good come out of it.


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