2012 for Leo

29 Dec,2011

The year 2012 looks set to be another happy one for lions, especially till October. Post that as well, there won’t be much to worry, assures Ganesha. Expect your health and energy levels to peak, making it possible to do so much – all that your fertile imagination may have envisaged. Career success is more or less a surety this year, thanks to the optimistic planet of Jupiter. Your social stars will be brilliant. The success and good times will make you confident, and may spur you into taking financial risks. While being aggressive gives you an edge over others, and often tends to bring better gains, being impatient and hasty may lead you into making faulty decisions, cautions Ganesha. The same goes for your love life. It looks set to be tumultuous in the coming time. You may feel emotionally drained or ready to explode. Slow down and first assess what’s damaging your relationship or domestic bliss. The reason may be a third party altogether! You may feel overburdened with responsibilities, but you need to recognize that there are no free lunches in this world, points out Ganesha.


Home and Family Life

Possibility of random differences and conflicts arising on the domestic front is high, foretells Ganesha. Home and family have been troublesome areas for your sign for a few years now. Ganesha assures that while you shall be able to handle most of these problems, there may be one or two particular problems, which may turn out to be too complex to deal with. Your beloved may also have a tough time adjusting with your immediate family or family responsibilities. On the other hand, your own family may pose troubles on the same (or some other) account. Heated arguments, family issues and misunderstandings may disturb your peace of mind. It is advisable that you address such situations with immediate effect, and try your best to mend fences before it gets too late.


Love Life

Your House of love – the 7th House – has been very strong and as a result, your love life looks set to have been a joyful, even if slightly tumultuous, ride in the past few years. This trend may change this year, as a few short-term planets will move into the 7th House, causing some temporary shifts in your love life. Post this phase, your 7th House may also remain empty for some duration. A few short-term planets will move into the House, but, again, for brief durations. This implies that your love life may remain stagnant for the most part of the year. Uranus, your love planet, will spend the year mostly in a square aspect to Pluto. Such a planetary position has the capability to produce fiery results – all of which may not be negative. If you are single, don’t make any hasty decisions, advises Ganesha.



Your cards indicate that you will be in good shape all through the year. Uranus has been in a favourable aspect with your sign, and this year on February 3 Neptune, too, shall recede from a stressful aspect in your sign. Moreover, your 6th House, the House of health is going to be occupied by favourable planets. Hence, as far as your health is concerned, 2012 shall bear many positive results. However, post October 5, when your health planet Saturn will enter the sign of Scorpio, you will have to be extra careful about your health and energy levels. In case of an illness, try alternative healing therapies rather than following the beaten track, advises Ganesha.


Career and Finance

You will look to enhance your financial independence and wealth in the year 2012, predicts Ganesha. This drive may make you more fearless, and you may take risks in order to fulfil your ambitions. However, Ganesha advises you to be careful in this regard. All your strategies may not give you expected results. Failure teaches the most important lessons of life, they say. You will make mistakes, but will be quick to learn from them. This and a strict vigil can help you inch closer to success. On the career front, you are likely to excel. Expect promotions, increments and a rise in status. You may also come across some wonderful career opportunities during the year. Give some thought to each of these opportunities, even if you are not looking for a change immediately, advises Ganesha.


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