2012 for Gemini

29 Dec,2011

In 2012, Ganesha nods at your never-say-die spirit! You may have had some really tough challenges to face in the past few years. If not, then at least some major life-altering adjustments may have taken up your time and energy. Expect things to improve. In 2012, Neptune enters your 10th House. This will boost your spirituality and faith. Matters related to body, health, your personal image, creativity, family and mystical sciences shall be of great interest to you. Barring a few minor issues, your health is likely to be good throughout the year. Don’t be complacent, though! Expect prosperity to get a boost mid-year, thanks to Jupiter. You will have money to spend on the luxuries of life. You may be looking at renovating your living space or may even be re-thinking a relationship. If a friend/ relative is taking up a lot of your time, it’s time to say ‘me first’. Do that and bid them a goodbye, says Ganesha! Guard you and your loved ones against minor accidents. You may also see love and work intermingling. Enjoy!


Home and Family Life

Your 4th House of home and family shall remain strong for a better part of the year 2012; not for the whole year, though. Mars hovers in this House for a pretty long duration – for over six months from January 1 to July 3. This means that you will undertake a thorough overhauling of your home. Whatever it is, it will keep you happily on your toes. However, your domestic life may become tumultuous during the period when Mars transits over your sign. Tempers will run high in the household, and if you don’t take charge of things in a mature way, it may lead to conflicts. An elderly person or a parent may not have been keeping well. Advise this person to calm down. Keep away dangerous objects like matches, knives, or inflammable material from you and your loved ones. But rest assured that things will be happy and endings will be happier, especially if you are ready to go an extra mile, sums up Ganesha.


Love and Social Life

Love is most certainly on the cards this year for you. There are signs in your horoscope that strongly indicate a gradual building up of your love and social life, even though your 7th House of love and marriage is rather weak. Two vital planetary movements are indicated this year for your sign. Jupiter (your love planet) will be passing through your ascendant, and will foray into the 1st House on June 11. For the remaining year, it will continue to remain in your 1st House. This strongly portends love. Besides that, Venus (the generic love planet) will hover above your zodiac for a rather lengthy period. Usually, Venus spends around a month in any sign, but in your case, it’s staying put from April 3 to August 7. It is yet another strong sign of love present or blossoming in all its glory. From June 11 to August 7, both the love planets in your charts will remain in your own sign. So, you can be sure that love, perhaps even marriage, will happen this year.



Health of Gemini this year should be satisfactory. The aspect of most of the long-term planets looks set to be harmonious. At the most, they will leave you untouched. An unfavourable aspect made by Neptune, though, may stress you out briefly. Besides that, there may be passing phases during the year, resulting from general planetary transits, during which you may feel a little under the weather. But you need not worry about these bouts, because they do not indicate trends, and are only temporary.


Career and Finance

You may look forward to a financially progressive year, during which you’ll see an augmentation in your wealth, earnings and even the value of your property. The results may not be drastically visible in the first half of the year. But, post June 11, your prosperous phase will set in and will continue into the following year, confirms Ganesha. In the first week of June Jupiter enters your sign, bringing with it a lot of optimism. People usually mistake wealth for a load of money, whereas it is actually the lifestyle and a general ease with which you go about your work, business or money-related tasks. As far as your career is concerned, matters seem to be a bit more complex, though. Rein in your own expectations from your career.


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