2012 for Capricorn

29 Dec,2011

Energetic and enthusiastic, you begin the year on a positive note. Although your health may still continue to be your biggest concern, expect your energy and determination levels to go up. You have always enjoyed your work, and shall do so even more in 2012. And, this gets better by mid-October! You will excel in your work, and will reap rich rewards. Switching jobs for better prospects, relocation and buying a new home is on the cards, too. You may spend a fortune doing up your new home and buying the latest gadgets. But be careful about your finances, as your income is likely to fluctuate. On the relationship front, couples will enjoy marital bliss, while singles have romantic dates and dinners lined-up. All in all a rewarding year for goats is in store, assures Ganesha. Yet, if you are still feeling empty and confused, remember that emotional disharmony is the main reason why prayers are not answered. If you don’t seem to be deriving any benefit from your spiritual practices, the fault is not with the Divine, but maybe is within you, points Ganesha. So, get up and get hold of your life!


Home and Domestic Life

For the next six years your 4th House will be a House of power, and may cause you much confusion and distress, so Ganesha advises you to brace for the challenge. And, also start ‘relaxing’ as and when possible. You may not have ‘real problems’, but given the sheer momentum of movement and chaos of the things around you, you may start imagining them, points Ganesha. And, since yours is a stable, earth sign, you would obviously not like so much change and movement. Uranus in the 4th House also suggests a variety of things, most important of them being nagged by a constant desire to shift homes, places, jobs, cities even. This year, quite contrary to your usual nature, you may throw all the rule books out of the window, when it comes to your personal and domestic life.


Love Life

This year, Ganesha gives you a stable love relationship, and that is not a small thing. So, enjoy! There may not be much change in your marital or single status in 2012, as your 7th House of love and marriage is not a house of power. All in all the status quo will be maintained – marriages will run smoothly, while singles, most likely, shall remain single. The largely unoccupied 7th House in your chart shall give you a lot of leeway in this area, though. That is, a lot depends on what you want, and how you want the things to go. So, if your desire to marry is strong enough, you may probably end up marrying your chosen one. However, as a general rule such a strong desire is unlikely during the current planetary aspects. Though marriage is not on the cards for you, singles will enjoy dating and romantic encounters.


Health Graph

There are three long-term planets in a stressful aspect with your sign in 2012. This is an improvement from last year when there were four, though this is little consolation. Health will continue to be a cause for concern for you. But, as the year progresses these concerns will reduce, especially when Saturn drifts away on October 5 from its stressful aspect with your sign. From April 3 onwards itself, though, your 6th House, the House of health, is getting strong. It means that you are likely to be paying more attention to your health. You will also need to conserve your energy and vitality during the year. If there is work that you can delegate, by all means, do it.  However, last year was tougher for you on account of health, so if you made it through 2011 without any major glitch, you will probably coast through 2012 with considerable ease. But that should not give you any reason to loosen up in this department. Pluto is in your own sign which indicates that a detox program will benefit you.


Career and Finance

This is a volatile year as far as your finances are concerned. Uranus is your financial planet, and it spends the whole year in a square aspect with Pluto. Ganesha says you can expect major changes this year. There is a divine cleansing going on in your financial life, as in, many erroneous decisions that you made in the past – like wrong planning and bad execution – are now being uncovered so that you can set them right. Avoid lending money to friends and relatives. You may also spend considerably in home improvement projects, and a definite emphasis is on increasing your standard of living. Besides, you will also come across opportunities to work from home and earn money, or you could profit from family connections. Despite such myriad interests, your actual earnings may fluctuate wildly this year. They may either be too much or too little, making a rather inconsistent pattern. This is a very new thing for you steady goats, but take it easy, as this too shall pass, says Ganesha. The good thing is that, this year, at least, you are more at ease, in tune, with your job or business, unlike last year, when you were very uncomfortable about it.


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