2012 for Cancer

29 Dec,2011

If you managed to handle events of the last year decently, things will seem easy in comparison in 2012. Expect the year to get better as it progresses towards the latter half, says Ganesha. All said and done, you still need to take a good care of yourself, your health and your loved ones. Health will improve this year, thanks to Neptune’s favourable aspect with your sign, yet you can’t afford to be careless. Home, family, love, spirituality, as always, will surely remain at the centre of your universe, yet you may now see yourself trying to enhance your social network too. Travelling to foreign lands and higher education are distinct possibilities. Personal growth, development and creativity will also take centre-stage. Ganesha cautions you against getting complacent in financial and legal matters, though. Family matters may become burdensome. Ganesha advises you to take up a hobby to get a break from your mundane life. Some unique challenges may also be lined up for your sign this year. Express yourself, wherever needed! Any upheaval in your love life will have a positive bearing in the long run.


Home and Family

Your domestic life is likely to go through a lot of ups and downs in 2012. But don’t let the negativity affect you, if you wish to successfully deal with the challenges. You are not an expressive person and this usually becomes your disadvantage. Your bottled-up emotions can be a lot more destructive than you can imagine. But there’s only so much you can bottle up, and one day your heart may just refuse to contain anything more. Thus, you need to express your emotions in a mature way, without hurting anyone, and perhaps also channelize your negativity in different ways. Try taking up a hobby or sweating it out on the badminton court. Saturn exits your 4th House on October 5, bringing great relief on the home front. The worst will be over by then, and you will make great progress from here on, assures Ganesha.


Love and Social Life

Last year may have been quite challenging for your love life. If your relationship has survived that, there are strong indications that you will easily sail through the problems, if any, in 2012. Some problems simmering under the surface may come to fore now. Be ready to deal with them upfront, rather than avoiding them. As always, you will remain in love with your home, and your respect for your immediate/ extended family may increase with time. Single crabs may find someone special, and this may finally end their quest for a perfect companion. However, marriage will have to wait, and it’s best to do that; wait and watch, says Ganesha.



Throughout the year ahead, you will be extremely busy with household work, socialization and career matters. All of that may adversely affect your energy levels. Don’t take you health for granted. Any major health issue is not indicated, yet you cannot afford to become complacent. In fact, make extra efforts to be fit, as a healthy body and mind will guard you against plenty of ailments. Don’t bottle up your emotions; express them candidly as this will help you vent out your feelings. You will feel lighter and relaxed, as a result.


Finance and Career

In 2012, your earning capacity will be correlated with your energy levels. So improve your health and energy levels in order to improve your finances. From July 23 to August 22, and then again from September 6 to October 3 your money House will be strong – first, because the Sun transits through it, and also because during this period Venus passes through it. These are the two time periods when your earning potential will be at a peak. As for your career, it may not create a definite trend in the coming year. Those of you who were born early in the sign of Cancer would have experienced many career-related upheavals last year, and Ganesha advises you to brace up for more. You may feel disappointed with your current career, and may choose to opt for something that would give you more freedom.


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