2012 for Aries

29 Dec,2011

The overall theme will be of ‘change’. The more ready you will be for it, the better, says Ganesha. Expect things to pick up gradually as the year 2012 progresses. As always, personal freedom will be important to you. But this year, activities related to social welfare, sensual pleasures and communications will come to the fore too. Focus on letting go of the past, getting a strong hold over your finances and sprucing up your act in the personal domain. Physical exercise will, as always, hold a place of pride in your schedule. Remaining active will also help you attain a better life. You may also be travelling a lot in 2012. Post October 2012, once Saturn moves out of Libra, your life will become easier and more comfortable. Matters related to your health, profession and prosperity will get a boost. In the domain of love, disappointments and setbacks may have been the order of the day, especially last year. Things may improve, but be careful before investing your trust and emotions in any casual relationship this year. Ganesha advises you to remain calm and positive. Use any alone time to augment your earning capacity.


Home and Family Life

Travelling and globetrotting may make you spend a considerable amount of time away from family and home. However, good news is that you may be able to sort out some long-standing family issues this year. Be ready to accept responsibilities, as this will help you avoid problems on the domestic front. Brace up for some changes too, which will, in all likelihood, bear positive long-term results. Uranus in your 1st House may also make you quite restless. Tame the extra energy by being positive and investing some time in your hobbies and tasks allotted by your loved ones. Look to make the best use of the two lunar eclipses in 2012 – 4th June 2012 and 28th November 2012, as Moon will help you sort home matters this year. You will also be motivated to sort out long-standing conflicts and misunderstandings in the family with this trend.


Love and Social Life

Saturn, the disciplinarian, has been in your 7th House for quite some time now. This shall continue to be the case till October 2012. Your love life may continue to remain dull, and your eternal quest for freedom may affect your intimate relations. However, you can mend broken hearts by expressing your emotions, and putting in more efforts to revive a stale relationship. Delay important decisions, especially if they are related to a relationship, a new affair or marriage. Single rams may get attracted to somebody older and more influential, and their relationship could be a sort of career move. Whatever it may be, Ganesha advises you to take your time in these matters. On the social front though, things may seriously hot up; casual friendships, flings etc are possible



The planetary positions suggest that throughout the year ahead, especially from January to June, you will be focused on your physical fitness and overall health. An exercise regime and other activities will help you remain in good shape and will help you enhance your appearance and self-esteem. Although you may be trying hard to maintain your health, your energy and enthusiasm level may take a beating, mostly owing to stress, overwork and relationship issues. Take it easy, advises Ganesha. And, avoid shoving the issues under the carpet. Face them, and you will feel much relaxed. Avoid unnecessary risks in sports and games.


Career and Finance

A substantial increase in the value of your assets is likely this year. Jupiter will be in your money House until 11th June 2012. By then, you will have achieved a lot of your financial goals, foretells Ganesha. You need to be clear about what money means to you, and how you want to get it. This is because Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and religion, is associated with wealth this year. Therefore you should have your own philosophy about financial matters in order not to make mistakes. If what you think and perceive is not right, it may negatively affect your ability to earn. Ganesha also advises you to sort out your love-related issues, as this aspect of your life tends to greatly affect your ability to earn. The more stable you are in your personal and love life, the more stable your financial status will be.


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