Video Report: The new rules of engagement

03 Nov,2011


By Shruti Pushkarna

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Amid discussions at one of the biggest marketing, media and advertising meets, or AdAsia as we call it, one common thread to many a conversations was the changing reality of advertising from the consumer’s perspective. Several members of the fraternity expressed concern over the pressing need to ‘engage consumers’ in a fast changing world. MxM India caught up with a few to find out what really are the new rules of engagement.

Keeping up with new technology and being able to deliver a digitally enhanced experience to the consumer is a growing area of focus but the underlying idea echoes the same old principle, ‘reaching out’ to the consumer.

Prasoon Joshi, Chairman & CEO McCann Worldgroup India, Executive Creative Director of the Asia Pacific region and Chairperson, McCann Global Creative council said, “There are no new rules…it’s just that there is a new reality out there. You have to be able to understand the lives of consumers…I think if you are connected with your market, then rules or whatever you call them, will come naturally to you.”

Furthering Mr Joshi’s view, Kelly Clark, CEO, Maxus Worldwide said that the new rules of engagement are the old rules of engagement and we have to start out by understanding customers’ relationships with brands.

Shashi Sinha, CEO, Lodestar UM said that engagement has to come from a sum total of different activities, but foremost you need to know what the customer really likes and will participate in. Josy Paul, Chairman and CCO, BBDO India made an interesting point, saying that understanding the new rules of engagement starts from knowing that advertising might not be the only solution. Emphasizing on a collaborative model between advertisers, regional partners, PR partners and activation partners, Mr Paul said, “…it’s really about shedding your sense of the past and forgetting whatever you knew before but using your experience to assimilate and synthesize the new world.”

Three rules of engagement recommended by Contagious Communications Consultant, Will Sansom are transparency, experience and meeting an unmet need. He said, “…First and foremost be honest…second rule is use emerging technology…and third is about identifying an unmet need and then meeting it.”

Kitty Lun Chan, Chairman/CEO, Lowe China said that we live in exciting times where internet has revolutionized everything, and in this ‘socially-networked’ world, everyday new forms and new approaches of engagement are being created.

Keeping it to the basics, Basabdatta Choudhary, CEO, Platinum Media underlined “relevance” as one of the constant rules of engagement in these changing times.

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