The Anchor: Pops on why advertising is still sexy

24 Nov,2011

By KV Sridhar (Pops)

#1 Richer life experience.

If you are passionate about life and want to live life the fullest, this profession allows you to do that. (I am writing this sitting in a plane to Colombo for a working weekend.)


#2 Get paid for doing what you like.

If you are curious about life, mine some insights to tell some stories, you’ll get paid handsomely.


#3 Want to be an expert in 100 categories?

Advertising helps you to learn about 100 categories in 10 years, no marketing job can offer that.


#4 Around the world in no time.

South of France as a trainee boy? Sounds great? Get your jumbo passport and get on board.


#5 Do nothing.

If you are a dreamer or want to relive your memories every day? Just gaze out of your window and narrate few experiences (that’s work for you) and you’ll be the next guru.


#6 Be a celebrity.

Imagine, if marketing is the glamorous part of business than advertising is the glamorous part of marketing. Got the logic? You’ll be seen in the papers more than Ratan Tata.


KV Sridhar (Pops) is the National Creative Director at Leo Burnett.

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