The Anchor: 7 points to learn from being in business

15 Nov,2011

By Chhaya Balachandran Aiyer


#1 That you are on your own; and you get your pay package based on how well not only you but your entire team works.

#2 That how much you earn is dependent not only on how hard and how well you work but can fluctuate drastically with how the market, the competition and the client operate. You have no one to complain to, or another job to switch to.

#3 That while it is not as easy or as fun as ‘being the boss’ appeared  when I was an employee, it has an unbeatable thrill, the sort you  get when you are playing a game and want to achieve higher scores.

#4 That the challenges are only more exciting and tougher as you move ahead because the goal post just keeps moving forward.

#5 That the success of any business is completely dependent on the business owner’s vision, drive and focus and this then helps to drive the quality of team members they can retain and attract, and the level of ownership that team members have towards their jobs.

#6 That every department is critical for the success of an organization, be it admin, HR, production, strategy, etc… every link is critical.

#7 Nothing can change the fortunes of a company than the ultimate truth   for any business, the acid test, which is customer experience through the product and service it offers. This means know the customer, know the market, continuously improve your offering, delivery and service.

You simply have to be the best, the most preferred.


Chhaya Balachandran Aiyer is the Founder-MD of BC Web Wise.

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