The Anchor: 7 pieces of jargon creative types love

18 Nov,2011

By Amod Dani


#1 Film opens on…

Three famous words which satisfy every copywriter’s dream of visiting Rio, Ibiza, Vegas… uh no? Ok let’s get real…Bangkok.


#2 360

The number that comes first to mind when the entire team is brainstorming to create ACTS, Road shows, Innovative hoardings and Radio Programming concepts to sell… yes, you read right, “Sabun ke saath chammach FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!”


#3 Clutter Breaking

Vishwaas hai, ismein kuch khaass… Oooh Yeah! That was clutter breaking wasn’t it. Come on, half the line and you instantly remember the ad.  Wah! Now if that’s not clutter breaking I don’t know what is. Yeh toh bada toing hai!!!!  😉


#4  D&AD

Sigh! Ok here’s an acronym that every creative person would know. And if you don’t, head straight to your workstation and type in Google and then “Advertising Creative Awards for dummies”. The Design & Art Direction Award’s pencil has often eluded Indian hands and is the one piece yet to fall into the tricolour kitty. Time to visit the temple, I say.


#5 JSR

Here’s a document that encapsulates all the inefficiencies of the agency. Made and remade frequently, only to be forgotten and ignored. It shows its ugly head again following stinkers and finger pointing, before threats with “We are calling for a pitch!”


#6 G*** M***

A phrase often hurled at colleagues expressing a sense of disagreement.

For example:

CS:                   There’s a new brief.

Creative:         Ok…

CS:                   Deadline’s in two hours.

Creative:         G*** M***!!!!! (Flatly)


#7 Night hai!

When the pitch for a new client is the next day and your kickass idea has just been torn to pieces. The layout’s bombed and the script’s changed. There’s nothing like a campaign in sight. Result: call your boss an old F@#^&*, call your girl and tell her you are screwed, call Dominos, call for a quarter of… wait, make that a bottle of Old Monk and get set. Dark circles, here we come.


Amod Dani is ECD, Leo Burnett.

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