The Anchor: 6 reasons why you can’t do without attending AdAsia 2011

03 Nov,2011

There have been some angry responses to our anchor of November 2. As it emerged, it did touch some raw nerves. Here’s an angry retort, again anonymous. The writer has replied point by point. The responses are in bold.

#1 Rs 40,000 for entry. Okay, you could get early bed or bulk entry discounts, but it’s still not small money. Plus travel – flight tickets, local travel and hotel. All of this amounts to around Rs 75,000 if you stay in a budget hotel. Rs 1 lakh if it’s 4-star-upwards.

So what, dear brother (or sister)? The best things in life don’t come free. Look at the number of meals you get as part of the package. Gyaan sessions, entertainment and an opportunity to meet people and boast to the kids back home that you attended AdAsia. Btw, if it was held in some foreign land, you may have to pay twice. Of course you can bring those two litres of booze. But neighbourhood bootlegger hai na!

#2 Usual suspects, usual suspects, usual suspects. It’s the same old faces at all our industry events. AdAsia had Harish Manwani of Hindustan Lever on Day 1. But Shah Rukh Khan? Grrrr!

Manwani is a usual suspect? And Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most popular faces in India and in advertisements also. The fact is that Ad Asia didn’t have the usual suspects lined up. We even saw a swami in the line-up!

#3 There is a need to draw younger professionals to AdAsia and not 40-plus and 50-year-olds.

Point. But that’s for organizations to blood young talent. The organisers are doing their bit to organise quality content.

#4 The same old format of keynotes, speeches and panel discussions is boring. C’mon marketers and advertisers. You guys are creative, why not think of something innovative?

You should try some of the other industry conclaves and events. Boring panel discussions and speeches of people who plug their own work. Hey pal, you’re a mediaperson yourself, any ideas… pls mail them.

#5 You network every day with your friends and aspirational friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. So conferences like these need to relook the role of these events for connecting with the fraternity. Agreed there’s nothing like meeting people face-to-face, and Facebook friendship is also fine.

Facebook is fine, but har physical meeting zaroori hoti hai. There’s nothing like meeting in person, exchanging cards and letting the relationship grow.

#6 Why Delhi? It was good to not do it in Mumbai. How about Bangalore, Pune, Amritsar, Calcutta, Chennai? Wasn’t Calcutta once the capital of the adwallahs?

Delhi is where there’s loads of action. All the big media guys are there and so are the advertisers. You said it right, Calcutta was once the capital. Unless Didi does some jaadoo-i jugaad out there, not likely that the boys and girls of adland will shift there in a hurry.


The writer of this piece too is a senior member of the media industry. She/he prefers to stay anonymous as according to her/him why should he/she do it when the writer of the earlier piece didn’t reveal his/her identity. And we (as in MxMIndia) let that happen!

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