The Anchor: 6 reasons a listener can never fall out of love with radio

04 Nov,2011

By Ashit Kukian

#1 Radio gives listeners different genres of music and a fresh playlist all through the day. And that is further packaged with warm and friendly RJs, topical banter, guest appearances and lots of surprise elements to keep listeners wowed every minute of every day.

#2 Radio is credited with being the ‘Theatre of the Mind’ since it engages one’s imagination more actively than a visual medium does.

#3 The level of engagement and interaction that Radio enjoys with its listeners is incomparable to any other medium.  From conversing with listeners on a daily basis, to celebrating their joyous occasions of life, Radio touches the lives of all its listeners.

#4 Radio provides listeners with Infotainment – relevant and topical information presented in as entertaining a way as possible. Radio then serves as a mood-enhancer by catalyzing one’s mood and uplifting the spirit of the listener who tunes in.

#5 Listeners can relate to the medium in a very personal and intimate way. It can be a loyal friend to some and a confidant to others. So much so that you’ll often find listeners confiding in RJs about their deepest fears and problems.

#6 Being a local medium, Radio fits seamlessly into the fabric and framework of the city. It serves as a lens through which listeners can get a glimpse of the pulse of the city.


Ashit Kukian is COO, Radio City 91.1 FM.

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