The Anchor: 5 ways a marketer can use SMS to his/her advantage

17 Nov,2011

By Ravi Sundararajan


#1 Acquisition of customers. SMS is a great tool to connect with new customers, and a marketer can leverage this medium to use it to target and acquire new customers.

#2 Engaging customers. According to their area of interest, SMS can be used effectively to engage customers.

#3 Retaining customers. It can also be a potent tool to retain customers by keeping them informed about promotions or information that might interest them.

#4 Service Transaction. SMS also works well when one needs to give customers service-related information such as regarding bill payments or cash transactions.

#5 Building infrastructure. There are many who don’t have infrastructure to set up communities or a mobile infrastructure service company. That’s where a company like ours can help marketers create such companies for others in the industry.

Ravi Sundararajan is the Vice President Marketing at SMS GupShup.

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