The Anchor: 5 reasons why broadband internet will grow in India

21 Nov,2011

1. Better devices
2. Ease of use
3. Better connectivity
4. The pricing at which the broadband in now available – the government of India, BSNL has been doing a lot to get pricing and affordability in play.
5. People coming onto the web is the effective reason. The fact that more and more services are available on broadband will also result in better broadband services.


The broadband penetration is bound to grow, there is no two ways about it. Take for instance China, five years back China was around 100 million internet users, four years down, now it is at 450 million internet users. It has an extremely high penetration of mobility but its broadband continued to grow because infrastructure rollout has happened, ease of use is there from a connectivity perspective. Therefore I am opportunistic about the fact that broadband will continue to grow in India.


Siddhartha Roy is the COO, Consumer Business & Allied Services, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment.

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