The Anchor: 5 reasons it’s good to be part of an international agency network

06 Nov,2011

By Alok Agrawal

#1 Global exposure: There is an opportunity to interact and learn from the various offices of the network spread across the world. Especially in the times we are operating in, it is imperative that we have knowledge of how markets are operating in different parts of the world, and a global network makes this possible.

#2 One network one brand: With many international brands finding a foothold in India and and Indian brands going International, a network handling the brand helps in creating seamless communication across the world. While communication can include local flavouring, the core idea remains and finds cohesion when it comes to execution.

#3 People experience: One gets to interact with people from various geographies and learn from them. There is an opportunity to exchange ideas which helps in coming out with better communication solutions.

#4 New practices: As the business of advertising is undergoing transformation with changing times, being part of the network helps in anticipating those changes, learning from markets that have undergone such changes earlier or anticipate changes and be better equipped to meet those challenges.

#5 New experience: Besides, it helps in giving an opportunity to travel across the various offices across the world and be part of new experiences.


Alok Agrawal is the Chief Operating Officer of Cheil India/Southwest Asia Regional HQ.

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