The Anchor: 5 changes the publication industry is seeing

22 Nov,2011

By Adarsh Mishra


#1 Nowadays circulation operates on an FMCG model. As most of the companies are subscription driven, they are able to track readers and their profiles. The conventional method of circulation has undergone revolutionary changes due to subscription module and publication aspirations to achieve higher numbers in terms of ABC and IRS.


#2 Circulation, which is considered a cost centre in every organization, is playing a very important role in the present media scenario as media planners are giving more importance to numbers in comparison with class.


#3 In the present scenario most publications are resorting to invitation pricing which helps them to get a larger base in a shorter time. The classic example can be Delhi where publications slashed their prices in order to get higher numbers.


#4 In coming days it will be vernacular publications which make more money as against English publications. The reason being people’s inclination towards their own languages and lower operating costs.


#5 The government should increase the scope of FDI as it will help the publication  industry in India to grow at a faster rate and also it will help small or regional players to compete in the national arena.


Adarsh Mishra is Vice President, DNA.

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