Hard Knocks: Why this Kolaveri Di, indeed! Why?

24 Nov,2011

By Anil Thakraney


When I first came across links to Kolaveri Something on the social media sites, I quickly ignored them. Thinking this is another one of those time-pass videos that keep getting shared by virtual pals. But the video went viral in a matter of days, and by now millions have watched it and the world is talking about it.


As a result I was compelled to click on it and must say I was left pretty unimpressed. A regular kind of sod sings some nonsense inside a recording studio, words that sound like a cross between Tamil and rustic English. I found it neither funny nor entertaining. And was left wondering what I had missed out here. Incidentally, I felt the same when the Pakistani band Beygairat Brigade went viral.


Three observations I have to make in this matter. One, it’s abundantly clear that you can now use only social media to launch a brand with a huge bang. If there ever was any doubt on that, then it can be laid to rest now. Owners of mass media need to pay close attention because as time goes by, more and more advertisers will take social media a lot more seriously, and not as a ‘secondary’ medium which it is currently treated as. These are not freak incidents but a clear warning sign for the future.


Two, no one can predict with any degree of accuracy what can go viral in the virtual world. I found the Kolaveri video quite stupid, but millions of people don’t think that, they love it. Maybe a study needs to be conducted on this subject, and it would be quite helpful. However it’s clear people have found a way to showcase their ‘talents’. I already see many imitators busy at work.


Three, my own guess is that the best chance to strike gold on the net is to be as absurd and loony as possible. And the more rustic and unrefined you are, the better your chance of getting noticed. Now all of us have a real shot at being stars!



PS: So, Cyrus Mistry is the chosen one, and by all accounts this seems to be a decision made purely on meritorious considerations. However, one wonders if things may have been different had Ratan Tata married and had his own children. Would the Dynasty Raj have played a part? Like it happens in all walks of life in India? Well, we’ll never know. My own hunch is this: Mr Tata would still have used merit as the yardstick. Indeed, it is this culture that makes the group unique in this nation.



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5 responses to “Hard Knocks: Why this Kolaveri Di, indeed! Why?”

  1. sonali says:

    what an absurd and loony article…wasted my time reading it.

  2. Ad As says:

    I agree that there is nothing impressive about the song or video. But just to inform you..the ‘regular sod’ is Dhanush, a National award winner and big name in Tamil film industry. So its not exactly a case of a wannabe trying to make it big with an idiotic song

  3. I saw it fr the 1st time today here.. i knew it was doin the rounds but somehow wasnt so keen to watch it, wudnt know why! I cannot agree with u more …… Its quite crappy just in terms of “listening’ to it even if u keep aside the fact that the lyrics are utter rubbish.. Id rather u give me our crazy and equally stoopid govinda/ sallu numbers which make no sense but u still can njoi them! Maybe its just the unnecessary hype around it and the sheer curiosity to see/ hear it that has made it popular!

  4. I completely agree with you AT. The song is as stupid as they come and its stupidity has made it popular!

  5. Rushil says:

    i agree with your opinion that it’s a stupid video but you article went hay wire by the end……