GRP & Channel shares of HGECs- Wk 45 2011

09 Nov,2011

Source: TAM Peoplemeter System

TG: CS 4+ yrs

Market: HSM

Period: Wk 44: Oct 23 to Oct 29, 2011

Period: Wk 45: Oct 30 to Nov 5, 2011




About TAM Media Research

TAM is a joint venture between Nielsen Company & Kantar Media Research. Besides measuring TV Viewership, TAM also monitors Advertising Expenditure of Television, Print & Radio through its division AdEx India. Since 2004, it extended its presence in the PR Measurement & Analysis space for Corporate/Marketing Clients by setting up a separate division Eikona PR Measurement.

In 2007, the joint venture introduced RAM (Radio Audio Measurement) service to track Radio Listenership for the Indian Radio Broadcast Industry. In year 2009, TAM launched a division, called TAM Sports that specializes in monitoring Sports Sponsorship ROI.

TAM Media Research’s objective is to fuel media insights that will drive the growth of the Indian Media Industry.

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2 responses to “GRP & Channel shares of HGECs- Wk 45 2011”

  1. Amigo says:

    tell me which all states form HSM??

  2. Amigo says:

    Good one

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