Debrief: Tata Tea: ROFL!

24 Nov,2011

By Anil Thakraney


Remember that offensive cad in the Tata Tea ads, the one who’d smugly ask us to ‘Jaago Re’? Well, mercifully he’s been given a break in the new TVC created to celebrate 25 years of the brand. Now the message is ‘Soch Badlo’, and there’s a lady protagonist.


But the anti-corruption tirade goes on. A cynical man cribs in his living room that corruption will never end in the nation, and that basically India is doomed (my thoughts exactly!). He then turns to his wife and demands a cup of tea. The missus uses the opportunity to teach him a lesson. And she delivers a long lecture about how preparing tea is like changing the state of the nation. A convoluted metaphor about boiling water being the raging nation or some such gibberish.


I don’t know whether the makers of the ad intended this as a desired response, but I was left laughing out loud. Because the whole anti-corruption crusade of Tata Tea is getting cornier by the ad. And the juxtaposition of tea-making with nation-building is completely hilarious. Plus, in all this pagalpanti, the tea story gets buried somewhere.


Yes, some soch needs to badlo out here. On the part of Tata Tea managers and their ad agency. They should leave the anti-corruption drive to Anna saheb. And stick to selling us chai.



Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5): 2. The marks are only for some good laughs!   

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