Birla Sun Life Insurance: Realism works

17 Nov,2011

Birla Sun Life’s ‘Protection Solutions’ financial plan seems to be targetted at the reckless urban youngsters who don’t plan for their future. And prefer to live for the moment. The TVC tries to strike at this flippant, carefree attitude to life.


The ad features a young couple walking in the rain, as they look for a cab. The girl cribs a bit, so the hubby reassures her he will soon buy a car, as his promotion is round the corner. Meanwhile she too has some good news to announce but no, it’s not what the excited chap thinks. A baby isn’t on the way yet, but she has got an increment in her salary. As this banter goes on, the man narrowly misses being run over by a speeding car, much to the relief of missus. The message: ‘Kahin aap apne sapno ko kismet par to nahi chhodh rahe?’



Well, there’s nothing new out here in terms of the strategy. Fear factor and human emotions as a route has been used ad nauseum in the insurance category. However, must say the execution is nicely done. The young couple looks like regular folks you’ll walk past on the streets, and their mannerisms/conversations are very real. Also, they act very naturally. The use of realism should work for the brand… middle class young Indians would empathise with the couple and the situation. A fine example of how good execution can lift an otherwise over-used approach.


Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5):  3. But full marks to the ad filmmaker. 

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